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Ryan Ross (Tiny Trump) - 12 Year Old Real Estate Millionaire

12 year old Ryan Ross (Tiny Trump) was one of the speakers at the Think and Grow Rich Stickability event in Toronto in September 2013.

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Ryan is the son of Savannah RichMom Ross who also spoke at the event.

His message is one the world needs to hear and act on. 

At the tender age of 7 he had already become a millionaire by investing his earnings from various small businesses he created into real estate, like his mom.

Ryan does what he does because he prayed to God to save his baby brother Ethan who doctors said would die within a week. He promised God that if he kept Ethan alive he would pay him back forever.

Ethan is still alive today and both he and his mom Savannah are paying God back and making the world a better place to live for many people living in third world countries.


Dubbed by the media as Tiny Trump, Ryan began his first business venture at the age of 3.

Beginning with a modest business of selling farm fresh eggs, Ryan went on to start multiple business ventures.

Ryan Ross began his real estate investment career at 5 years of age and has been using a large portion of his earnings.

He is working towards feeding and clothing countless families in third world countries.

Ryan is passionate about business and hockey and plans to amalgamate the two by purchasing his own NHL team.

He is currently in the process of restarting his business.

Other speakers at the Think and Grow Rich Stickability event in Toronto included:

Greg S. Reid

Sharon Lechter

Frank Shankwitz - Founder of the Make A Wish Foundation

Adil Dalal - Founder and CEO of Pinnacle Process Solutions and Author of A Legacy Driven Life

about savannah rich mom ross

Savannah Rich Mom Ross needed $32 to keep her electricity on to keep her son alive. He was hooked to medical equipment needed for him to survive. Savannah and her husband had decided to bring their son home to die, rather than die in the hospital. Doctors had told them that he only had days to live. 

She got on her knees and prayed like only a desperate mother pleading for her son's life can pray. Her oldest son Ryan heard his mom pray and he went into the back yard and prayed as well. He told God that if he gave his mom the $32 and kept his brother alive, he would spend the rest of his life paying him back.

Today, Savannah's son is still alive and she and her son Ryan are paying God back by helping people around the world change their lives for the better. 

Savannah Ross retired in her 30's through real estate investing. Now she is on a mission to empower others to become free so that they can also make a HUGE impact in the world. She is multiplying her giving and charitable efforts by working with people who already give of their time and money. Those type of people will continue to be generous in giving their time and money as the money and time freedom increases.