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Scott Seifferlein Interviewed for Journey To Success Radio

I interviewed Scott Seifferlein for my Journey To Success BlogTalkRadio show.

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About Scott Seifferlein

Scott has shared his golf secrets with hundreds of thousands of golfers around the world. He has helped golfers of all levels and professions; even a few dozen celebrities. Scott’s 19 years in the business include coaching golfers in  Michigan, South Carolina, New York, and Florida.  He currently coaches golfers at the prestigious Watermark Country Club located in Grand Rapids, MI.

Scott has recently presented for numerous golf outings and corporate events including Big Breakfast Ft. Lauderdale, Davenport University, U-Club Grand Rapids, Mary Free Bed, Ferris State University, The West Michigan Dental Foundation, Caledonia and Grand Rapids Kiwanis, Wyoming/Kentwood Rotary, Grand Rapids Community College and Michigan Interscholastic Golf Coaches Association.

While holding the top instructor position at Middle Bay Country Club, Scott Seifferlein was featured in Donald Trumps Book, The Best Golf Advice I Ever Received. Scott has been featured on Grand Rapids Fox 17 Television, WZZM TV 13 Take Five & Company and Numerous radio, newspaper and magazine outlets. Scott is a two time published author of The Game of Golf & The Art of Business and Stop Slicing In Five Swings and is currently publishing his third book 19 Holes of Business Golf Conversation.

Scott’s feature speaking engagement is titled “Three Lessons From The Game of Golf That Apply To The Art of Business”. This entertaining keynote captures audiences with fun golf stories and valuable content.


As Mark Twain said, “Golf is a good walk spoiled.” Our careers would be great walks if they weren’t spoiled by the same sort of mistakes we make on the course. If we could master our mistakes and develop our discipline, we could find more success in the game of golf and the art of business. Bob is a decent guy and a great businessman–but only an average golfer. He has a dream to play the famous Bethpage Black Course, scene of two recent U.S. Opens, and survive with his dignity intact. To keep from spoiling that famous walk, he brings along his mentor, Scott Seifferlein, who has played the Bethpage Black Course many times before as a coach and competitor. While showing Bob how to think his way around the course, Scott gives him crucial tips for overcoming common mistakes. Together, they realize how the same mistakes that can spoil a scorecard can spoil any business or career. In The Game of Golf & the Art of Business, Scott tells the story of how he kept Bob’s big day on Bethpage Black from becoming a bust. He shares the most important tips and tactics that he has learned from coaching thousands of players over the years. Through Scott, we learn how these are also strategies for success in the marketplace. The Game of Golf & The Art Business sprinkles an entertaining story with keen insights and useful nuggets for succeeding at whatever you do, whether on or off the course.

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