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send out cards - what it means to me by pez pezza

Send Out Cards (SOC) is a very easy and inexpensive way to mail personalized cards for every occasion. I am a customer and distributor and I asked my friend Pez Pezza to write an article about what SOC means to him.

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what send out cards is to me by pez pezza

Thinking about this question for the past several days because my friend Tom Cunningham asked for a blog about it. On first thought it seemed quite simple but, on reflection quite the opposite.

It is best to just share my experience with it. I began using this service when I sold Volkswagens. I was in the habit of writing a personal thank you to those that purchased. In December of 2008 two people said “Thanks for the card. What did it say?” You see my handwriting is doctor status.

I set out to find something online that would be delivered by mail as so many emails go unopened. I must say I had already read about Joe Girard who was listed as the world’s greatest salesman because of his cards he sent to everyone clients and prospects. Send Out Cards found me!

I was walked through sending a card. It was simple, quick and each card was inexpensive. Of course I wanted to purchase at the best price and to do so was several hundred dollars and for less than one hundred additional I could sell this service and earn a commission. What the heck I loved it. It fit a need and you never know.

I began using it just as I said for thank you cards. I began adding pictures. Then sending birthday cards to client’s, family and friends. It just felt good. My customers could read them. My family and friends enjoyed them. Oh and the handwriting font could be your own! I have a surrogate handwriting font in my cards. Have never been asked again “What did it say?’

End of story, no! My business relationships have grown because of the personal touch. Cool how you can bridge the gap between the hi-tech of the internet with a greeting card and a personal message. There was so much more I learned.

I connected with some other card senders on Facebook and we talked about how we used the system.  A friend from Arizona suggested doing a 30 day gratitude challenge. Send a card to someone different each day telling them how you appreciated them. I thought this to be a great idea.

I began this a few days before Jeff said it was a go. I jokingly messaged him on the day he announced it that I as already on day three! It was not a joke I had already started. I will only say this about it. The personal development that came from this exercise is remarkable. About a week after the challenge initiated I encountered some very troubling times.

The 30 day challenge ended but the troubling times continued for several years and still pop their head up from time to time today. What I realized through this is my core stayed positive as the results of sending heartfelt and uplifting message to others and through prayer. I think the cards were an answer to my prayers.

I now teach businesses and others how to build loyal and repeat clients through this system. People tend to do business with those people who say thank you, remember their birthday, send a note to just say hello and stay in touch. I found that what you appreciate expands. Business and relationships.

I love sharing this with others. Feel free to contact me and let’s enjoy a cup of coffee and some time together on the phone. Let me show you what you can do anytime from your computer or smart phone. I just want to warn you that I may offer you a challenge that could change your life. It did change mine.

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." What if you read this each time you made a phone call, or texted, or received a call? Imagine the possibilities of auto-suggesting this into your mind hundreds of times per day.

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