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what most people use for sex i use for socks

Being handicapped means I have to figure out creative ways to do things and getting dressed and putting my socks on is one of those challenges. Part of the solution for getting my socks on involves a product most people use for sex - lube.

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The picture above is an example of what I call a sock putting on device. In the healthcare industry is is referred to as a stocking aid.

You can see that you would put a sock over the plastic part, slip your foot into the sock and pull up with the straps. 

I have used one for many years, over 20 at least. Since I got married my wife Kim puts my socks on most of the time.

Here is where the saline lube - you know, the kind used for sex, comes in. Your foot can stick on the plastic, making it difficult, uncomfortable and often not possible to pull the straps up. By adding a few drops of lube to the plastic before you put your foot in, it enables it to slip one perfectly no matter how dry your feet are or how sore your hands are.

Of course, putting my socks on is not my only challenged when getting dressed, putting my pants on is also a concern. My father uses the saying "Everyone puts their pants on one leg at a time." Wrong! I cannot bend down to pull my pants up so what I do is use a dressing stick.

The stick has a hook on the end as you can see. I sit on the bed then put the pants on the ground then I use the hook to link into a belt loop and then pull them up with the stick.

I also use the dressing stick to take my socks off. I hook onto them and pull them off using the stick.

When I don't have my stick with me, when I travel for instance, I sit on the bed, put the pants on the ground, put both feet in, then raise my feet high in the air and jiggle them up high enough that I can reach. It looks funny to see it in action I imagine.

Another device I use as an aid around the house is a reacher. Since I cannot bend down to pick things up, the reacher does it for me.

Another method I use for picking things up off the ground is to kick it towards the nearest chair or the bed, sit down, put the object between my feet and then lean back and toss the object in the air then, hopefully catch it.

These are just a small example of various adaptations I need to make to do the things that able bodied people take for granted. There are numerous others, including one funny and yet embarrassing one which I will share another time.

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