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shannon smith author of power manners on journey to success radio

Shannon Smith is North America's leading image strategist and author of Power Manners. I interviewed her for Journey To Success Radio.

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about shannon smith

Shannon Smith is North America's leading image strategist, the foremost provider of personal brand development. With training in medicine, emotional intelligence, teaching, cosmetics, fashion retailing and modeling, Shannon's expertise is informed, practical and highly motivating. As a result, her advanced knowledge of image, presentation, etiquette and protocol is in great demand. Transforming yourself from unnoticed to unforgettable couldn't be easier. Now Power Manners provides the answers.

Mastering Small Talk  5 tips

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Power Manners is a practical, easy-to-read guide offering answers to many of the business and social questions that stump people today. Not everyone learns the essential skills of manners and personal branding at home.

Check out the chapter quizzes and find out how well mannered you really are…and then learn how easy it is to impress others without being fake, schmooze with the best, get out of embarrassing business situations, and ensure that you are on everyone's invitation list.

Find out how to make an entrance, kiss or shake hands, be the perfect host, pay the bill graciously in a restaurant, dress appropriately, or discover what you shouldn't be saying when you meet a new client. Power Manners offers valuable advice on how to walk on life's many stages with savoir faire and sophistication anywhere in the world you may be.

Become more gracious, comfortable and at ease always presenting yourself in the best light regardless of the situation.

In this hyped and frenzied world of impersonal communication, most people forget the value of professional ethics, common courtesies, decent manners, correct social etiquette and good personal grooming.

Too bad, because first impressions are instantaneous and irreplaceable. Knowing how to behave has never been more important to your success. Like it or not, your ‘personal brand’ is constantly on show, as family, friends, colleagues, clients and employers watch and keep score.

But don’t expect this book to be about some stiff, formal, inflexible code of conduct. Instead it’s full of juicy information and insider-tips that you won’t find elsewhere. Sound advice about how to use good manners to add the polish that leads to personal power, turning every encounter into a compelling expression of self-confidence.

Poor manners can limit a person’s progress, both professionally and socially. Follow the game plan in this book,make a commitment to apply the lessons learned,and you will experience life-altering changes in attitude, behavior and habits, empowering yourself to communicate credibly, persuasively and effectively.

Good manners are rooted in common sense, logic and kindness and grounded by an underlying philosophy that we should all treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves. Using universal truths as her baseline, Shannon has added her life experience and her expertise as an international image strategist to this book about best behavior.