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Sharon Ingle - Criminal Defense Lawyer, Triathlete & Cancer Survivor

Sharon Ingle was a criminal defense lawyer, triathlete, and cancer survivor. My wife was her legal assistant for 9 years. She passed away on Wednesday, November 6th, 2013.

I interviewed Sharon for my Journey To Success Radio show.

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About Sharon

Above: Sharon at my 50th birthday party on June 19 2013

Sharon practiced criminal and family law in Ontario since 1986.  She was involved in numerous high profile cases including several murder cases. 

During her legal career she was also a part time prosecutor and mediator. 

She also taught law at the Bar Admission course and was a part time professor at the University of Toronto. 

At the University she taught advanced criminal law as well as courtroom skills for accountants. 

Also she taught yoga and cycling at the University.

As well as a long legal career Sharon had a lengthy athletic career. 

In 1993 she qualified for the Canadian national team for triathlon. 

She participated in the World Championships on eight occasions in the Olympic Triathlon which is a 1.5 km swim, followed by a 40 k bike followed by a 10 km run. 

Sharon Ingle was passionate about athletics and helping other athletes and coached swimming, cycling and running. 

She coached the Mississauga Special Olympics running program called Excess Energy. 

She trained numerous women helping them to complete their first triathlon.  She also taught a learn to bike program for women annually. 

When she was not working or training she enjoyed playing the piano and volunteered with the Hope and Healing music program at the Credit Valley hospital. She was learning the guitar and harmonica. 

Sharon raced in the World Championships in Vancouver in 2008.  During the last race of 2008, in September, in the US, Sharon felt a tightness in her chest and subsequently discovered while massaging the area, a large lump which was diagnosed as advanced breast cancer.  

This was the start of what was a five year journey with cancer.  During that time she had aggressive treatment including: chemotherapy for almost three years, surgery twice, (most recently to remove two brain tumors on December 13, 2012), and aggressive radiation twice. 

During this treatment Sharon Ingle cycled to and from her chemotherapy appointments which were up to 65 kms each way. 

She continued to swim and won four medals in the Ontario and Canadian swim championships.

She also placed second in an Ontario triathlon 3 days after radiation ended.  Sharon loved to bike and cycled numerous events for cancer including the 100 km Healing Cycle last year. 

She also cycled across Florida twice for cancer research.

Since being diagnosed with cancer Sharon became a certified yoga instructor. 

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