Sharon Lechter Interviewed on about Outwitting The Devil

Sharon Lechter, who annotated the book Outwitting The Devil for The Napoleon Hill Foundation, was interviewed on

The manuscript for Outwitting The Devil came straight of of Napoleon Hill's typewriter. It was written shortly after he wrote Think and Grow Rich, which today is one of the Top 20 Bestselling Books of All Time.

Napoleon Hill's wife would not allow him to publish the book. She outlived him and when she died, the wife of the President of The Napoleon Hill Foundation would not allow him to publish the book either.

In the book, you will find out things about the life of Napoleon Hill that you have never read anywhere else. You will learn about some of the setbacks and challenges he faced in his life. He had to use his own success principles to raise himself out of the the pit he was in. It is a fascinating book that will have you believing that the Devil himself is speaking to you.

Finally, after 70 years, it is in print.

Enjoy this interview Sharon Lechter did with and order the book today.


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Sharon Lechter Interview