SmarterComics Announces 2nd Edition Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

SmarterComics recently announced that the 2nd edition of Think and Grow Rich is now available.

Since I am a Senior Research Director for George Media, publishers of The Canadian Business Journal (CBJ) and The American Business Journal (ABJ) , I receive emails from publicity companies promoting books all the time. When I saw the Subject of the email from Smith Publicity promoting the book, I knew I had to get more information. I contacted them and a copy is on the way to me. Stay tuned for my rerview.

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Available in eBook or hard copy.

Go through SmarterComics website for all their amazing titles. I am hoping to feature SmarterComics in our George Media publications soon.

Author: Napoleon Hill

Want to learn the principles of getting rich in less than an hour? Take the illustrated advice of Napoleon Hill, whose observations make up the heart of the best-selling classic “Think and Grow Rich.” Now updated into an engaging comic book format, you can quickly glean Hill’s wisdom from these beautifully illustrated panels.

Since its publication, the book has sold over 30 million copies. Widely regarded as the greatest wealth building guide of all time, “Think and Grow Rich” isn’t just a great read; it’s chock full of money-making secrets laid out in simple steps. Inspired by a suggestion from Andrew Carnegie on how to not only achieve your dream but get rich while doing it, the book is a testament to ingenuity, foresight, discipline, and above all, the accumulation of wealth without the sacrifice of passion.

Learn why your thoughts are worth millions of dollars, and why faith removes limitations. Learn how to overcome procrastination and embrace the moment. Understand that temporary defeat is not failure and winners never quit. Above all, you can enjoy learning the underlying philosophies of wealth building while perusing a comic book. Start thinking and growing rich today!

Several billion dollars can’t be wrong. Match wits with legendary philanthropist and entrepreneur Andrew Carnegie in our quiz to see if you’re ready to start shopping for your own private island.

NAPOLEON HILL was born in 1883 in a one-room cabin in Virginia. He began his writing career at age 13 as a "mountain reporter" for small-town newspapers and went on to become America's most beloved motivational author. After a long and successful career writing and lecturing, Hill passed away in 1970. His work stands as a monument to individual achievement. Think and Grow Rich is the all time bestselling book in the field of wealth creation.