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start by starting founder tim krause on journey to success radio

Start by Starting Founder Tim Krause joined me for an amazing interview on Journey To Success Radio.

Joining me as a co-host for the show was Peter Goral, VP Business Development at TechBlocks, a Technology Consultant I work with.

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about tim krause

Tim Krause's story, like that of so many entrepreneurs, is all about starting over.

After graduating from business school Tim joined the family construction company. Determined to preempt any notions of favouritism, and to earn the trust of the employees, Tim decided to start at the bottom and work in the field as an apprentice to earn his electrician’s license. After several years he moved into the office to learn new roles as an estimator and project manager. From there he took over as General Manager before finally buying the business. 

Tim eventually sold the family business to one of his employees, freeing him to participate in construction leadership for Canada’s largest and most sophisticated forensic sciences laboratory.

After participating in over $2 billion of construction projects, Tim walked away from the industry to open the Startbystarting Consulting Group, a consultancy dedicated to working with entrepreneurs and small business leaders. Tim believes that small businesses are the hope of the local economy, and has a mission to help entrepreneurs strike the right balance between life and the "Art of Business”. 

Tim is working on a mobile app, due out in summer 2015, to help small businesses manage projects efficiently and transparently. And his first book, A Fish Rots from the Head Down, a book on leadership and culture management, is scheduled for release at the end of 2015.

about start by starting

We know how tough it can be.

At Start by Starting, our promise is to meet you where you are at, to thoughtfully ask the tough questions, and to help you unpack the answers and their implications.

And although we promise to meet you where you are at, we also promise to not let you stay there. You have a goal; let’s move toward it together.

Our vision is to see businesses owners discovering the way to their financial goals AND restoring balance to their lives. This means helping you make better decisions more often. Better decisions mean less stress.

If we do our job well then you will have a bit more peace of mind at the end of each day. We want to see YOU own your business, instead of IT owning you.

If you or anyone you know would like to be interviewed for Journey To Success Radio, please email me at for details.

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