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stella tartsinis interviewed by diana dentinger for journey to success radio

Stella Tartsinis is a Napoleon Hill Foundation and John Maxwell Certified Coach. She was interviewed by Diana Dentinger for Journey To Success Radio.

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about stella tartsinis

Stella Tartsinis brings in her army leadership experience with a twist to in her presentations.  She is a motivational leadership speaker who believes that as leaders we Influence, always Grow and must Implement what we learn in order to make a difference in our lives and in the lives of others.   As a military musician, she uses leadership and creativity for innovation and problem solving.  She has served as a leader in the capacity of a Music Performance Team (MPT) supervisor in charge of designing programs for military and community events.  Besides leading “MPTs” she has gained extensive military leadership training from the Army, which she uses in daily living. 

As a professional musician, Stella has attained a Doctorate in Musical Arts degree from Rutgers University. She describes the habits she developed from childhood that she consistently practiced in becoming a professional musician.  Stella also emphasizes how these habits can drive personal achievement for fulfilling goals.

Stella has been an educator for 12 years in the New York City Department of Education system.  She has learned the latest assessment tools needed to calculate, adjust and refine growth in learners. Over the years we all develop our own style of learning if we realize it or not, and she helps people find their own style of learning and implementing that style for their own personal grow plan. She incorporates design thinking to strategize a plan for growth so that we lay out a visual plan by envisioning it, testing it and revising these ideas.  From her Napoleon Hill certification training, she has gained extensive knowledge of both “Think and Grow Rich” and the 17 Principles of Personal Achievement”. Success is consistency, persistence and specific aims that help shape goals. 

Stella is a Certified John Maxwell Speaker, Coach and Trainer emphasizing the John Maxwell growth system.

about diana dentinger

As the creative leader in innovative corporate training programs, private coaching sessions and keynote speeches, Diana Dentinger has successfully transformed and motivated hundreds to reach their full potential. As a result, clients have affirmed dramatic increases in clarity, meaning and performance in their personal and professional lives. 

Diana's book “Modus Vivendi - Your Life Your Way” explains her proprietary methodology by taking readers on a journey of self discovery and transformation in 7 days. It is available on Amazon.