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Stuart Austin Wier

Stuart Austin Wier's story shows up in several of Napoleon Hill's books

Napoleon Hill wrote great things about Stuart Austin Wier in his books Think and Grow Rich and How To Sell Yourself and so I looked him up to learn more about him.

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In the book How To Sell Yourself, Hill writes:

"I doubt that there is living in the world today any person who has the depth and balance of thought that Mr. Wier possesses, and I doubt seriously that any philosopher, from Socrates to Elbert Hubbard, ever possessed the flexibility of thought, the variety of knowledge, the balance of judgement possessed by Wier."

In Think and Grow Rich, Hill also writes about Wier:

“The secret was passed on to Stuart Austin Wier, of Dallas, Texas. He was ready for it–so ready that he gave up his profession and studied law. Did he succeed? That story is told too.” (Author’s Preface).

In Chapter 5

“Stuart Austin Wier prepared himself as a Construction Engineer and followed this line of work until the depression limited his market to where it did not give him the income he required. He took inventory of himself, decided to change his profession to law, went back to school and took special courses by which he prepared himself as a corporation lawyer. despite the fact the depression had not ended, he completed his training, passed the Bar Examination, and quickly built a lucrative law practice, in Dallas, Texas; in fact he is turning away clients. Just to keep the record straight, and to anticipate the alibis of those who will say, “I couldn’t go to school because I have a family to support,” or “I’m too old,” I will add the information that Mr. Wier was past forty, and married when he went back to school. Moreover, by carefully selecting highly specialized courses, in colleges best prepared to teach the subjects chosen, Mr. Wier completed in two years the work for which the majority of law students require four years. IT PAYS TO KNOW HOW TO PURCHASE KNOWLEDGE!”

In another essay Hill wrote:

Successful people are those who have a definite purpose and a plan for attaining it. To be successful, you must at this moment decide exactly what your goal is and lay out the steps by which you intend to reach it.

Years ago I worked with a fellow named Stuart Austin Wier of Dallas. He was a contributor to a magazine I edited and was just getting by financially. He would probably have remained a starving writer if a story he was writing about an inventor hadn’t suddenly inspired him to change his life.

Much to the surprise of those who knew him, he announced that he was giving up journalism and going back to school to become a patent attorney. He wasn’t going to be just any patent attorney, he was going to become “the top patent attorney in the United States.” He put his plan into action with such fervor that he completed law school in record time.

When he began his practice, he deliberately sought out the toughest cases. Soon his reputation spread throughout the country and his services were in such high demand that even though his fees reached astronomical levels, he was turning away more clients than he accepted.