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The Journeys To Success Publishing Team on Journey To Success Radio

The Journeys To Success Publishing team of Brad Szollose, John Westley Clayton, and myself were interviewed by Chuck Bolena, President of Results From Thinking for Journey To Success Radio.

Volumes 1,2, 3 (Women's Edition), 4 (Millennial Edition), 5 and 6 (Health, Wellness and Fitness Edition) all became Amazon #1 bestsellers, 5 of them international bestsellers (Canada and the US).

The publishing team has also released 4 books co-authored by Napoleon Hill Foundation Instructors and students.

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"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." What if you read this each time you made a phone call, or texted, or received a call? Imagine the possibilities of auto-suggesting this into your mind hundreds of times per day.

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about the journeys to success publishing team

Brad Szollose contributes his graphic design and marketing skills by creating the front and back covers as well as the back cover text and Amazon book description.

His marketing skills and social media reach ensure the books are visually appealing and that they reach a wide audience on release day.

Brad helps smart companies who understand success is found within their people... companies like MasterCard Worldwide, Allstate, Liquidnet and Tony Robbin's Business Mastery Graduates.

His Liquid Leadership workshops show your people managers how to ignite the power of your workforce culture.

Rock Star Maker, Bestselling Author, Publisher of Bestselling Books, Sales Trainer, Life Trainer, Life Mentor, Keynote Speaker… ROCK STAR!!!

John Westley Clayton is the publishing arm of the Journeys to Success Publishing team; and along with other multiple tiles to the John Westley Publishing brand, has come to represent quality within the industry.

Surviving a rough childhood, along with multiple setbacks, unbeknownst to John, this fueled the fire for him to set out on his own and develop a pathway to success that fit his puritan work ethic. Through the years John Westley created a successful resume, outperforming in all areas of business, sales and management.

Through the years something started to awaken in him; only focusing on wealth development for years may have created physical comfort and freedom, but there was something missing. The pieces finally fell into place when he discovered Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

Focusing on the prize of financial achievement alone wasn’t enough; developing ones self as a well-rounded human being was the elusive secret John had been looking for for years. John began manifesting a new reality and became a Napoleon Hill Certified Instructor, helping others achieve their goals.

As the CEO & Founder of John Westley Enterprises, John Westley has become the ‘Rock Star Maker’ and the secret weapon behind many of today’s thought leaders. Under his Rock Star 4 life brand, he helps individuals build the life they want by stepping out of their comfort zone and onto a bigger stage. Providing group coaching, one-on-one mentoring, image and personal brand creation and publishing, John Westley’s work brings Fortune 500 business solutions to a group of handpicked students.

For the past 10 years, he’s been teaching entrepreneurs, educators, corporate leaders and people from all walks of life how to create the life they truly desire by making the choices that best serve them in their professional and personal lives.

Today, as a peak performance coach and personal development strategist, John Westley’s programs have launched dozens of individuals into ROCK STAR status.

Got a dream? He’ll place it center stage.