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the success quotient analysis 

The Success Quotient Analysis can be found in the book Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude by Napoleon Hill and W Clement Stone.

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questions from the success quotient analysis

The Success Quotient Analysis has questions related to all 17 Principles of Success. get the entire list of questions by buying and reading Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude. 

1. Definiteness of purpose                                                                                 

(a) Have you decided upon a major goal in life?

(b) Have you set a time limit for reaching that goal?

(c) Do you have specific plans for achieving your goal        
in life?                                                                                                             

(d) Have you determined what definite benefits your  
goal in life will bring you?            

2. Positive mental attitude

(a) Do you know what is meant by a positive mental attitude?

(b) Do you control your mental attitude?

(c) Do you know the only thing over which anyone has complete   
power of control?

(d) Do you know how to detect a negative mental attitude in 
yourself and others?

(e) Do you know how to make PMA a habit?

3. Going the "Extra Mile'

(a) Do you make a habit of rendering more and better service 
than you are paid for?

(b) Do you know when an employee is entitled to more pay?

(c) Do you know of anyone who has achieved success in any 
calling without doing more than he was paid to do?

(d) Do you believe anyone has a right to expect an increase in 
salary unless he is doing more than he is paid for?

(e) If you were your own employer, would you be satisfied with the 
sort of service you are now rendering as an employee?

4. Accurate thinking

(a) Do you make it your duty constantly to learn more about 
your occupation?

(b) Is it your habit to express "opinions" on subjects with 
which you are not familiar?

(c) Do you know how to find the facts when you need 

5. Self-discipline

(a) Do you hold your tongue when angry?

(b) Is it your habit to speak before you think?

(c) Do you lose your patience easily?

(d) Are you generally even-tempered?

(e) Is it your habit to allow your emotions  
to overpower your reason?

6. The master mind

(a) Are you influencing other people to help you attain 
your goal in life?
(b) Do you believe that a person can succeed in life 
without the aid of others?

(c) Do you believe a man can easily succeed in his 
occupation if he is opposed by his wife or other members 
of his family?

(d) Are there advantages when an employer and an 
employee work together in harmony?

(e) Are you proud when a group to which you belong 
is praised?

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