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success with people a napoleon hill foundation publication

I LOVED reading Success with People by Cavett Robert! I underlined many valuable ideas and thoughts from the book that I will share here.

The book is an official publication of The Napoleon Hill Foundation.

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quotes from success with people

My favorite quote from the book is this:

"The world owes us nothing, but we owe ourselves, our loved ones and the entire world th duty to develop our God given qualities to the ultimate."

"...our financial income is the measure of our service to others."

"First, foremost and above all else, we are in the people business."

"People are moved to act only if they are motivated."

"Yes, never forget that one of the prime reasons we buy things is that it makes us feel important."

"When a person begins to feel important and optimistic, he wants to buy and acquire."

"It is one of the basic principles of human psychology that until a person first accepts us, he will not accept anything we offer. It is human nature to judge the dance by the dancer."

"DON'T tell people your troubles - DON'T be a crepe-hanger. People may be polite and appear to listen to our troubles, but they have troubles of their own. 80 percent couldn't care less and the other 20 percent are actually glad to find someone more miserable than they."

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." What if you read this each time you made a phone call, or texted, or received a call? Imagine the possibilities of auto-suggesting this into your mind hundreds of times per day.

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"One of the most popular formulae is that contained in the following four steps: We must first secure ATTENTION, then INTEREST, next DESIRE and finally ACTION."

"A confused mind automatically says, "No."

"If a person does not understand, he does not like to admit it."

"...unless we use the very essence of simplicity, we shall never get through to the other person."

"Never use the question. "Do you understand?" If he doesn't, he will perhaps not admit it."

"Throughout all history, the story has been the best vehicle to transport our ideas in an understandable and convincing way."

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"...human engineering has added TIME as a most important factor in evaluating the benefits of any product or service."

"Because I believe so strongly in the idea or product that I shall present to you, often I ignore your problem or needs in my enthusiasm for that which I am to offer."

"Until you and the person you approach have first agreed completely upon what his problem is, you are not talking to anyone except yourself."

"Until I have agreed with you on my specific problem, you cannot solve this problem."

"Needs move a person only when he is ins a state of desperation. Wants alone bring out the best within us."

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"We might have needed certain things for a long time, but until we finally begin to want them, we shall certainly never get them, unless by accident."

"Causing a person to want what he needs more than he wants what he doesn't need, is a great challenge. It's a real character sale."

" will be more effective in influencing others if you carefully organize your approach and direct it to only one point of interest."

"Fear of loss moves people to action perhaps quicker than any other factor - certainly much quicker than desire for gain.

"Emotion is a transitory thing - it comes and goes. The doesn't it seem understandable that if a decision is supported by emotion alone, as soon as the emotion subsides, there is nothing to support the decision and hold it up. It comes "unglued."

Will Rogers said - "If you want to be successful, it's just this simple. Know what you are doing. Love what you are doing. And believe in what you are doing."

"People are persuaded more by the depth of your conviction than by the height of your logic - more by your own enthusiasm than any proof you can offer."

"Persuasion is converting people - no, not to our way of thinking, but to our way of feeling and believing."

"The most persuasive persuasive person in the world is the man who has a fanatical belief in an idea, a product or a service."

"The hands of the clock go around at the same rate of speed for everyone one of us."

"I'd much prefer that a man steal my money than steal my optimism."

"One pessimist can pull six optimists down with less effort than six optimists can lift up one pessimist."

An Official Publication of The Napoleon Hill Foundation
Introduction by Don M. Green, Executive Director, The Napoleon Hill Foundation

The author will show you that success in life will be determined by your ability to get along with other people.

By reading Cavett Robert’s book, Success With People, you can become part of the small, fabulously successful group that is responsible for the overwhelming majority of the positive results in the world today.

Human Engineering can be defined as the science of knowing how to deal with people.

Your personal success as well as your financial success is measured by your ability to get along with people. The lesson of human motivation will help you in your determination to meet your goals in life.

This book will show you the proper steps in managing people and how to make them respond to your wishes. One of the important lessons in life is discovering how to sell yourself to others, and get them to help you in anything you may want to attempt.

Follow the six principles in Cavett Robert’s book and you can have more money and personal power than you ever dreamed possible.