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take the stairs by rory vaden

Take The Stairs is the first book by Southwestern Consulting's Co-Founder Rory Vaden. I read and loved the book and hilighted parts of the book that stood out for me.

Rory was interviewed for my Journey To Success Radio Network by hosts Brad Szollose and Mike Benton.

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take the stairs

Here are the parts of Take The Stairs that I underlined as important for me.

If you're like most people in the world today, then you have read fewer than five books cover to cover in your lifetime.

According to one major American publisher, 95% of all books purchased are never completely read.

70% of all books ever purchased are never even opened!

....most of the time success requires activities that we wouldn't usually want to do.

...the ability to take action regardless of your emotional state, financial state, or physical state

...procrastination and indulgence are nothing more than creditors who charge interest.

...distraction is a dangerously deceptive saboteur of our goals.

The real secret to success has more to do with action than attraction.

Simply stated, there are only two types of activities: things we feel like doing and things we don't.

Discipline is a perpetual process, and the growth is in the journey. Simple, but here's the part that you won't like hearing - you don't get a day off. Ever.

The seven principles for simplifying self-discipline to liberate your potential are:

1. Sacrifice: The Paradox Principle

2. Commitment: The Buy-In Principle

3. Focus: The Magnification Principle

4. Integrity: The Creation Principle

5. Schedule: The Harvest Principle

6. Faith: The Perspective Principle

7. Action: The Pendulum Principle

Ignore the noise. Conquer the critical. Manage the minutiae.

To achieve the focus we vitally need, we need to manage three essential aspects of ourselves: our thoughts, our words, and our behavior.

The frightening truth is that when we're not thinking about our thinking, our thinking starts to think on its own.

Psychologists say that the human mind thinks seven times faster than we can talk...

Almost of all the world's ultrasuccessful people agree that the best way to get control of Mr Mediocrity is to learn to master your positive self-talk.

Positive affirmations give you the power to cause physiological change in the way you are feeling at any given moment.

The amount of your endurance and the intensity of your focus, is directly proportionate to the clarity of your vision.

A vision is an inspiring mental picture that propels you to take action.

One of the major causes of pain in today's escalator world is that most people don't realize the impact of their words on themselves and others.

The Creation Principle of Integrity states that all of creation follows a simple and powerful pattern: You think it, you speak it, you act it, it happens.

Every time to fail to come through on something you said you'd do, you weaken the power of your words to produce the results you want in the future. Any incongruence between our words and our actions directly impacts our ability to create as we move forward.

Mark Twain said, "Brevity is the essence of wisdom."

Focused effort is amplified by appropriate timing and regimental routine.

To change our behavior, change your perspective.

The New York Times bestseller, Take The Stairs will help you get off the “escalator” and tackle the work that leads to real success

How do successful people achieve results? In short, they do it the old-fashioned way, with focus and self-discipline. Popular speaker and strategist Rory Vaden presents a simple program for “taking the stairs”—that is, resisting the temptations of “quick fixes,” eliminating distractions, and transcending personal setbacks in order to reach your goals.

Whatever your vision of success is, this proven program will help you get there—one stair at a time.

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." What if you read this each time you made a phone call, or texted, or received a call? Imagine the possibilities of auto-suggesting this into your mind hundreds of times per day.

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