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Talisha Ramsaroop - Lincoln M Alexander Award Winner

Talisha Ramsaroop was awarded the Lincoln M Alexander award for her work with youth facing racial stereotypes. 

I had the immense pleasure of interviewing her for my Journey To Success Radio show.

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About Talisha

Talisha Ramsaroop came to Canada when she was 2 years old with her mother. She is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in sociology with a certificate in anti-racist research and policy. She is originally from Guyana, a small country in South America.

Talisha won the Lincoln M Alexander award for her work as a mentor for students battling racial stereotypes in Toronto’s urban core.

She is a community advocate and leader who is actively involved and committed to bettering her community in any way possible. She does this be getting involved in various community programs, like NOISE for social change, FYI creating equitable spaces, Grassroots youth Collabroative and Act for youth , the cultivating her story project, SUSA at York and the Toronto regional protégée project.

Talisha’s aim is to help youth from her community cope with issues like racism, sexism and marginalization and learn how to rise out of oppressive conditions by realizing their inner leader.

Her future includes pursuing her Masters in Non-Profit Management and perhaps a PhD in sociology. 

Her dream is to one day start her own non-profit or become a professor at York University teaching youth sociology, and human equity courses.

Ramsaroop earned the community award for her ongoing work to provide a voice to urban youth in Toronto who are struggling to overcome the barriers put in their way by racial discrimination. By playing a key role in NOISE for Social Change, an initiative funded by York University’s Academic Innovation Fund that saw LA&PS Social Work students working youth from the Jane and Finch community to develop solutions to social issues. Ramsaroop mentors urban youth to break down the barriers caused by racial stereotypes, complete high school, and look ahead to post-secondary education opportunities.

Ramsaroop is responsible for student engagement with 40 youth that are part of NOISE for Social Change. She took the initiative to create job-posting boards, spread the word about scholarships, and write youth-friendly blogs to encourage engagement and participation in as many opportunities as possible.

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