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The Newsletter Guru Interviewed for Journey To Success Radio

I met Jim Palmer, The Newsletter Guru, at the Think and Grow Rich Summit in Del Mar, CA where we both shared the stage.

Of all the speakers I met and listened to, Jim impressed me the most. He  is an AMAZINGLY nice guy and the right type of person to do business with.

I had the IMMENSE pleasure of interviewing him for my Journey To Success BlogTalkRadio show. I was mostly interested in pumping him for information to help my business because I am extremely interested in what he does.

If you sell ANY type of product or service you ABSOLUTELY MUST learn about what Jim does.

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About Jim

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Jim recently released his 5th book Stop Waiting For It To Get Easier - Create Your Dream Business Now!

The Foreword was written by Kevin Harrington, star of the hit tv show Shark Tank.

“When Jim sent me a copy of the manuscript for this book, I not only agreed with his premise and main message of the book, which he captures so efficiently in the title, I also knew immediately that I wanted to be part of it. Like Jim, I believe that entrepreneurs are not only what makes our country great, but small business is what drives our economy and will be what ultimately lifts our fledgling economy out of the ditch.”

Jim is a marketing and business building expert and host of Newsletter Guru TV, the hit weekly Web TV show watched by thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners. Jim is also the host Stick Like Glue Radio, a weekly podcast based on Jim’s unique smart marketing and business building strategies. Jim is best known internationally as ‘The Newsletter Guru’- the go-to resource for maximizing the profitability of customer relationships.

Jim is also the acclaimed author of four great books:

The Magic of Newsletter Marketing – The Secret to More Profits and Customers for Life

Stick Like Glue – How to Create an Everlasting Bond With Your Customers So They Spend More, Stay Longer, and Refer More

The Fastest Way to Higher Profits – 19 Immediate Profit-Enhancing Strategies You Can Use Today

It’s Okay To Be Scared – But Never Give Up



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