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Think and Grow Rich Summit Day 2 Overview

Day 2 of the Think and Grow Rich Summit was one of the most memorable days of my life. 

Firstly, pictured above, is me with Don Green, Executive Director of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, and he is holding the original manuscript for the book Outwitting The Devil. The pages were from Napoleon Hill's own typewriter. That was VERY cool!

Below are some pictures from Day 2. Enjoy!

Berny Dohrmann

Berny Dohrmann's father used to coach, and host at his home, people like Napoleon Hill, W Clement Stone, Walt Disney and others.

Berny runs CEO Space International and is the author of Redemption: The Cooperation Revolution.

Brad Szollose

I really love Brad Szollose and his talk was very thought provoking. He is a generational expert and help us older people (I'm 49 for a few more months) do business with Gen Y. He is the author of Liquid Leadership: From Woodstock to Wikipedia, which I purchased and am going to devour.

Dave "The Shef" Sheffield

I went out to dinner with 6 people on Day 2 and all of them said that Dave "The Shef" Sheffield's talk was the most memorable. It was insightful, funny, different, and entertaining.

Dave Stetch

I loved Dave's talk. Dave Stetch is the CEO of Purpose Built Investments, a real estate investment company for high net worth individuals.

He is a very wealthy real estate investor with a small, close knit, group of 42 people that he does business with. Keeping that few very close relationships allows him to get more accomplished than if he tried having thousands of relationships.

His talk about The Power of 6 (close working relationships) is powerful and the ideas behind it are very sound.

Don Green

I LOVE Don Green, Executive Director of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, more now than ever! He said, from the stage, and I'm paraphrasing him until I see the video with his exact quote, something to the effect of:

I was with Tom at the International Convention last year in Malaysia. You know, they paid Deepak Chopra $75,000 to speak and everyone like Tom's talk better.

WOW! It blew me away when I heard it. That quote will be worth lots of money to me.

Greg S. Reid

Greg was phenomenal of course. I had the pleasure of meeting his wife Allyn as well.

Greg will be the keynote speaker for the Think and Grow Rich Stickability; The Power of Perseverance event in Toronto on September 14th, 2013. His book by the same name will have just been released and my goals is to help make it a bestseller for the Napoleon Hill Foundation, who is publishing the book.

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Jim Palmer

Jim Palmer, The Newsletter Guru, touched my heart, soul, head, and emotions more than anyone I met during my 3 days there.

Please check out his website and learn more about him. He is the right type of person to do business with. He is an amazing man.

John Assaraff

John Assaraff is a legend in the personal development industry. His work with PraxisNow and their research in neuroscience is changing lives around the world.

Neuroscience is one of the fastest growing fields of research and has the potential to radically change how we use our brains.

Kody Bateman

Kody Bateman is the Founder of SendOut Cards. His story about his brother's death in his 20's, and how it impacted Kody and created his Definite Purpose in life was very, very touching.

I have his book Promptings: Your Inner Guide To Making A Difference and am looking forward to reading it.

Shane Morand Free Enterprise Award

Organo Gold Co-Founder Shane Morand was given the Free Enterprise Award at the Think and Grow Rich Summit and Ron Ameral accepted the honor for him. Shane did a 5 minute video to accept the award.

The 2014 Think and Grow Rich Summit will be held in Chicago, IL. I hope to see you there.

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