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Think and Grow Rich Summit Announcement From Don Green

The Think and Grow Rich Summit in Del Mar, CA is taking place from April 25-27. I am one of the speakers for the event, along with an incredible, VIP, Hall of Fame, lineup of speakers.

Don Green, Executive Director of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, emailed the announcement below about the event.

From the Desk of Don Green,

We are a few weeks away from an exciting event that I am attending. The inaugural Think and Grow Rich Summit 2013 is set for April 25-27, 2013 in Del Mar California. The event honors the life’s work of Napoleon Hill and those who apply and teach his philosophy.

The timing of the event and level of world-class speakers presenting at the event will make for a unique and positive experience for everyone involved.

In addition, the chance to meet, network and mastermind with other go-givers from around the globe will make for an unforgettable event.

For more details and to register visit: Think and Grow Rich Summit. I look forward to meeting you this April 25, 26 and 27 at the inaugural Think and Grow Rich Summit 2013!

Please enjoy this guest article, courtesy of event creator Tony Rubleski, called Three Ways to Eliminate Fear and Doubt in Your Life.

Don M. Green,
Executive Director

Seven Ways to Eliminate Fear and Doubt in Your Life

By Tony Rubleski, Mind Capture Group

I usually don't share much about my personal life, so I must admit that I'm a bit nervous about what I’m going to reveal to you now. Recently, I took an inventory of my basic fears and found that...My biggest fear is losing touch with my kids. I know, it may sound strange, but I travel a lot. With my hectic travel schedule and career path it's not always easy to talk to, yet alone, see my kids as often as I'd like. Yes, it’s a choice I’ve made, which I’m fine with, but on occasion the fear of losing touch with my three children does cross my mind.

So, my question to you is... What is your biggest fear and is it holding you back?

Recently, I was rereading through Napoleon Hill’s amazing and thought provoking 2011 release, Outwitting the Devil – The Secret to Freedom and Success, and I was fascinated by the following quote he uses to set the stage for the book:

“Fear is the tool of a man-made devil. Self-confident faith in one’s self is both the man-made weapon which defeats this devil and the man-made tool which builds a triumphant life. And it is more than that. It is a link to the irresistible forces of the universe which stand behind a man who does not believe in failure and defeat as being anything but temporary experiences.”

I think his recommendations about how to handle and deal with fear and doubt are not only spot on, but even more important than ever especially at a time when the media continues to obsess, package, and aggressively market fear-based news and information. In addition, the lack of spotlight and attention being given to hard work and success stories built by honest businesses and entrepreneurs is a shocking indictment again to the fact that the media continues to focus on the wrong priorities by perpetually covering negative, fear-based stories and people. Hill warned about the media’s power to influence –often to scare not inspire- long before we had hundreds of TV stations, the Internet and mobile communications.

Let’s take a look at seven ways to eliminate fear and doubt within your own life that Hill discusses in the book, which was so controversial that his family hid the original manuscript before its eventual release in 2011, more than 41 years after his passing in 1970.

#1: Definiteness of purpose. It’s amazing that once someone finds their true passion, life gets much easier. A confused mind uses excess energy and time. When you see or meet someone who’s passionate about their job, career, business or mission it’s very inspiring and the ‘lucky breaks’ seem to go their way. It’s the power of focus and goal alignment which brings opportunities -not luck- into their life.

#2: Mastery over self. Your habits are either making or breaking you each day. Are you focused with your time? Do you have written goals that you review often? Do you have your day planned out with specific deadlines? I ask these questions, because as a society most people run from responsibility and seek to blame others for their own shortcomings. This victim mentality of blame and passing-the-buck is epidemic and is a major reason why so many people are “drifting” as Hill mentions versus moving ahead with confidence.

#3: Learning from adversity. It’s a measure of someone to see how they treat others when life has handed them a tragedy or major setback. If you’re doing well right now in most areas of your life, I congratulate you. However, I caution to be aware...

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Event organizer and host, Tony Rubleski, is currently the president of Mind Capture Group that focuses on direct marketing consulting, training, and corporate keynote programs on motivation and mindset. He is a bestselling author, speaker, strategic business consultant and has over 20+ years of knowledge, expertise, and contacts within the business and personal development industries.

He is also the host and creator of the Inaugural Think and Grow Rich Summit 2013, which will be held in Del Mar, California this April 25-27, 2013. 

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