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Think and Grow Rich Summit - Kody Bateman

The Think and Grow Rich Summit starts this Thursday. It is a 3 day event in Del Mar, CA. I will be one of the speakers at the event.

Kody Bateman, the Founder of SendOut Cards will also be one of the speakers for the event.

Tony Rubleski, the organizer of the event, interviewed Kody. Get the details from his email below.

From Tony Rubleski

Tony Rubleski here.  I am looking forward to see you in just Four more days when we "raise the curtain" for the the Inaugural Think and Grow Rich Summit 2013.

Recently, I interviewed Kody Bateman who is the founder of SendOutCards. Kody's story is a remarkable one. One which I was able to identify with immediately because of my fear of losing touch with my children.

In this short interview Kody reveals:

  • Keeping touch with your loved ones and taking action now
  • The power persistence and vision
  • The application of affirmations and their impact on self-belief

I hope you enjoy the interview.

Interview With Kody Bateman

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