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Think and Grow Rich Summit Webinar with Sharon Lechter

The Think and Grow Rich Summit in Del Mar, CA is fast approaching. I will be one of the speakers at this 3 day event. Also speaking will be Sharon Lechter

Here is a women who has positively influenced the lives of millions of people with her books, consulting  and has worked not only with U.S. Presidents, but also the Napoleon Hill Foundation, her immediate reaction after the webinar was concern for you.

During the webinar, she mentioned that she believes, "Sales comes from service first" and "will you derive benefit from what I share?" WOW, her words and actions prove that she truly practices what she preaches.

In my opinion, this is proof positive of the genuine honesty, integrity and authenticity of Sharon Lechter and even more importantly, how much she cares about helping others.

I apologize that you and your people may not have been able to get in to hear Sharon “live” so, here’s what I’d like to do…

In the spirit of Napoleon Hill and the concept of the Go-Giver, please enjoy the replay of this powerful webinar with Sharon Lechter.  I will also include a download of the PowerPoint slides.

I ask if you could do me a favor. Will you help me honor Sharon’s request and make sure everyone in your circle of influence also gets a chance to hear the replay?  The information Sharon gave our global audience was not only worth the time, but is also far too valuable not to be missed and meant to be shared with others!


Here is the replay link.


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