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Think and Grow Rich Summit Review

The Think and Grow Rich Summit held in Del Mar, CA from April 25-27 was an AMAZING event. The speakers were beyond phenomenal. They all shared their love of Napoleon Hill and his writings.

Thank you to Tony Rubleski and Paul Guyon from for putting this inaugural event together. The 2014 event is going to be held in Chicago. Make plans now to attend in 2014.

I spoke on Day 1 and will post my video and picture from that later.

Below are some pictures from Day 1 of the event. I will post the other pictures and my comments soon.

Rita Davenport

Rita Davenport was hilarious. She is in the Speakers Hall of Fame. 

Christopher Guerriero

Christopher Guerriero had strong video testimonials from Bob Proctor and Mark Victor Hansen, along with numerous other high profile people, about his work. That should be enough testimonial to his work alone.

Bob Burg

I am a HUGE Bob Burg fan! I love is Go Giver attitude and book and I have spoken with numerous people who love him as well. 

Dave Liniger Co-Founder of Re/Max

Dave Liniger's story was EXTREMELY inspiring but not for what you may think.

In the last few years, Dave suffered a viral infection that put him in a coma and had him paralyzed for numerous months. He was told he would never walk again. He told them he would. The struggles he went through to prove them wrong were sad to listen to. The end result though is that Dave is walking with just one cane now. Just 2 days before the event he had the brace taken off his leg and is now walking without any braces.

Make sure to purchase his book. All the proceeds go to charities.

John Di Lemme

John Di Lemme and his wife Christie touched my heart. They are tremendously nice people with a true passion to help others. John has helped many people become more successful and happy than they ever thought possible. I purchased ALL his products.

I hope to see you at the 2014 Think and Grow Rich Summit in Chicago, IL. This is an event that will continue to grow every year. Don't miss it.

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