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Think and Grow Rich Summit Testimonial From Tom Sutter

The 2013 Think and Grow Rich Summit was held in Del Mar, CA from April 25-27. I was one of the speakers for the event.

I brought my friend Tom Sutter, Founder of Cal's All Star Angels Foundation, on stage with me when I spoke.

Tom wrote a testimonial about the event.


It was about a week before the event and Tom Cunningham threw out an e-mail stating that he has five free tickets to anyone who wants to attend the 2013 Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich Summit in Del Mar, CA so I inquired about taking one of them.  

Tom promised I would not regret it so I made it my goal to be there.  I told him I had to change around an entire schedule of insurance clients, clear up my desk of my non-profit work for Cal's Angels and make sure my wife had help getting our six kids carted around to all of their various activities and if I could do it, I would see him in Del Mar in a week.  

Being the great guy Tom is he even offered up the sofa sleeper in the second room of his two room suite and that is without ever meeting me in person - we only knew each other through the Napolean Hill Foundation after I sent in a comment to one of Tom's stories he wrote for the weekly e-newsletter the Foundation sends out every Friday morning.  

A friendship was started based upon that one e-mail and boy have I learned a lot about perseverance, determination and Tom's expertise - determining your Definite Purpose.

On the Tuesday beforehand I was able to accomplish the old calendar switcharoo and kid coordination tasks so I booked a ticket that night, secured a rental car and my wife reserved me a room because she felt that Tom really wouldn't want me in his room - he was "just being nice" and that my expected arrival at 1:30am on the day the event started and the day Tom had to speak was a little much to expect Tom to deal with.  No matter, I made it and was up and at'em by 7:30am at the event.

Every speaker was awesome - truly captivating with their great speaking abilities and interesting stories to tell.  The messages were clear with them all being based on the Principles of Napolean Hill and how each of them applied the Principles to their lives to become successful in their respective field.  

Because of the tragedy our family faced when we lost our oldest boy, Cal, at age 13 to leukemia, Tom "Too Tall" Cunningham's story is the one that is closest to my heart and the one that really resonates with me.

Having had Rheumatoid Arthritis from his jaw to his toes from when he was just a child his is a story of great physical pain and mental fortitude to keep moving forward.  For all the surgeries Tom has had, all medications he has taken, all the setbacks and difficulties including joints that don't bend anymore, Tom is the epitome of a positive mental attitude.  

He has defined his Definite Purpose and has become a ray of hope and inspiration for many more than he knows for when you ask Tom how he's doing he always says "Amazing!"  And when he speaks up on stage he's so comfortable in front of a group and gets his points across - no matter what life throws at you there is no reason to give up, but there are a lot of reasons to keep moving forward while learning from life's adversities.

I want to say thank you to Tom for inviting me and especially for inviting me up on stage - that was my first time speaking in front of a group like that and it was invigorating.  

Thanks to Tom I got the speaking bug and want to do more - who knows, maybe I'll even be speaking at the 2014 event! That is but a dream but one I never would have dreamt and all because of one e-mail I sent to a guy named "Too Tall" who has an incredibly inspiring story.

If you have the chance to attend the Think and Grow Rich Summit in 2014 in Chicago I highly recommend it - I personally guarantee you will not be disappointed.  The biggest lesson I learned is that in order to be successful in anything you do you need to get out of your comfort zone and do the things you don't want to do but know you have to in order to succeed like when I had to walk up to a complete stranger and say "I'm Tom Sutter, who are you and how can I help you?"

Thanks again Tom and everyone who put this event on in Del Mar - see you in Chicago!

Tom Sutter
Cal's All-Star Angel Foundation
M:  847-710-3177

As Tom mentioned above, the 2014 Think and Grow Rich Summit is being held in Chicago, IL.

I am putting on a Napoleon Hill Foundation Think and Grow Rich event in Toronto on September 14th, 2013. Make plans to attend.

All the details of the Think and Grow Rich event in Toronto are here

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