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tom crea interviewed by kelly russell on journey to success radio

Tom Crea retired from the U.S. Army as a Lieutenant Colonel. In his final assignment he led ROTC programs at universities.

Today, Tom teaches leadership skills through his company Blackhawk Consulting Group.

Tom spoke about effective leadership communication skills with Journey To Success Radio host Kelly Russell. Tom was invited on the show after Kelly saw him speak live at the Duquesne University Breakfast Series. Kelly has already interviewed several great speakers from that great program.

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Tom and Kelly explored these topics during the interview:

1. What are some keys to building relationships with your co-workers and employees? 

2. How do you decide what “language” another speaks, in order to speak their language? 

3. OK, I’ve determined their communication style, what’s next?  

4. How do I expedite my learning about communication styles, so that I can become more effective most quickly? 

5. Is there anything else that will help me identify whether another person is likely to be a either a D-I-S or –C? 

6. How do I get the DISC-Index Assessment? 

about tom crea

Tom Crea’s approach to leadership is one rooted in military values, focused on teambuilding, and leverages interpersonal communication, the subject of today’s discussion. 

Tom served a career in perhaps the best leadership development environment available: the U.S. Army. He considers his experience a privilege and an opportunity, one he wants to shares with those interested in becoming better leaders.

Today, Tom conducts keynotes, interactive seminars, and offers leadership coaching to business leaders via his programs that include, “An Army Helicopter Pilot’s Spin on Developing the Leader in You.” He believes that organizations succeed because of effective leadership and team building.

Tom retired as a Lieutenant Colonel, which provided him the opportunity to interact with soldiers at all levels, from Private to 4-star General.  In his final assignment, he led the ROTC programs at two different universities, where he and his team developed college students and transformed them into Army leaders.

A Fortune Magazine Article stated that 82% of the time new managers fail within the first 18 months is due to a failure to build good relationships.

Whether you are experienced or new to management, Tom’s presentations focus on effective communication and relationship building, which is a critical skill for effective leadership, and fundamental to your success.

If you, or anyone you know, would like to be interviewed for Journey To Success Radio, email for details and scheduling.

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