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I have had some incredibly gifted, talented, brilliant and kind people write some very nice things about me.

I am embarrassed to have a page of Testimonials about myself, however, they are needed for people and companies considering hiring me to speak, coach, train, or mentor.

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From the March 23, 2012 Napoleon Hill Foundation Yesterday and Today ezine, emailed to over 50,000 subscribers around the world on a weekly basis.

Dear Readers:

By remaining mentally alert and flexible a person creates a positive possibility for success to enter through life's side door. When least expected, opportunities show up and present new horizons in a person's life. Like a black swan these unexpected but welcome chance occurrences can alter the roadmap of a person's existence. Life gives us gifts that only can be opened when we are prepared and ready to receive them.

As I write this column, I am returning from the Third International Napoleon Hill Convention held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Our keynote speaker was Deepak Chopra and he did an outstanding job of lifting our consciousness to a higher level during his presentation. Founder and Chairman of Napoleon Hill Associates, Christina Chia, was the sole person responsible in organizing and promoting this event. As an agent for change and renewal, she is unsurpassed.

A group of us traveled together from Chicago via Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur as speakers for the event. One individual, Tom "Too Tall" Cunningham accompanied us with his wife Kim. Travel is hard for Tom due to his disability, but he made the commitment and shared his life's story with the participants at the Convention. His speech ended with a standing ovation and he was honored. Tom substituted praise for pain and stayed the course during his talk. This trip was an endurance test for him because of the constant movement, travel, and much walking required. But opportunity entered through the side door and the investment paid off! Preparing to board his flight home, Tom checked his IPad one more time and guess what he received? An invitation . . .

By being ready to accept what the Universe had in mind, Tom received an offer for a speaking engagement in Malaysia for this September. His eyes lit up and a huge smile covered his face as he sought me out to share the opportunity that came over his email. In his workshop, Deepak Chopra reiterated that chance is when preparedness meets opportunity, and this is exactly what happened with Tom. He has been preparing himself for nearly three years by always saying "yes" as he completed his leader certification course with the Foundation, "yes" when he returned as a newly certified instructor to be a mentor, and "yes" when asked to use with his editorial skills in proofing materials free of charge. There were many more favors he granted to those seeking guidance or help, and sooner rather than later the Universe put him directly in the path of his dreams. He just had to continually show up and let the plan unfold!

By being ready to receive the Universe opens up an expressway to success. However, if your path to riches is being slowed by detours or construction, perhaps you need to embrace the unusual opportunities that appear in your life with a resounding "YES!" Don't hesitate, procrastinate, or rationalize as to why things will not work out. Just do it, and do it now! The reason behind the opportunity will become clear as the plan unfolds. Just ask Tom!

Be Your Very Best Always,

Judy Williamson, Education Director of The Napoleon Hill Foundation World Learning Center at Purdue University in Hammond, Indiana. 

Thank you so much for your presentation. Your mindset and persistence to be positive are beautiful and contagious. I can only imagine a day in your shoes and it reminds me to be thankful, humble, and share positivity with others.

Ginger Zemla

Tom, the feedback has been very positive and I know that you will be in high demand for future engagements as I've already received requests from persons about contacting you to speak to their groups.

Dawn Clarke - Chair of Kipling Avenue Baptist Church Ladies Ministry

To say that we were fortunate to speak with Tom Cunningham on Journey to Success Radio is an understatement. We were able to share a portion of what Tom has renamed our "God-given Definite Major Purpose." Journey to Success Radio gave us the opportunity to speak on content that we are tremendously passionate about, reaching a great number of people in many countries. The experience was more than a means of promoting our current project, Our Story, but a moment to be in the midst of others that have dedicated their life's work to fulfilling their purpose. Tom, we sincerely thank you for your genuineness, and your obedience to your area of gifting. May we all be inspired to function in our purpose with genuine tenacity.

James and Natasha Roach

I had the privilege of being a guest on The Journey to Success Radio show with Tom Cunningham. Tom is one of the most positive and inspiring people I have ever met. I really appreciated the fact that his show is focused on encouraging his listeners to be all they were created to be. His interview style is story focused and he asks questions that lead to the core of his guest's message. I strongly encourage anyone that has a message they want to magnify do their best to get booked on The Journey to Success.

Jimmy Burgess Author What Just Happened? How to Bounce Back in Life So You Can Do More, Have More, and Be More

"Tom sure gave me a huge boost of happiness this afternoon. I can't stop thinking about him. I just loved everything about him and agreed with everything he said. So funny when he was talking about being in the grocery store and waiting for babes to help him and when he was telling us how we should show people we have kidney disease. Hahaha. He's better than an episode of my favourite Modern Family TV show!

Jan Robertson - PKD Foundation of Canada

Tom will immediately change the way you think and feel about how to approach difficulties in any aspect of your life.

His sincerity, ability to articulate his own personal challenges, and openly share his proven successful techniques to overcome them, make him one of the most memorable Professional Inspirational Speakers.

Tom is egoless and committed to helping groups of people as well as individuals be the best that they can be. Whatever your stage of business or personal life that you are in, Tom will help give you what you need to continue moving forward.

Brad Brinkman

I've had the pleasure of working with Tom over the past few weeks and I would say it has been an enjoyable experience for the both of us.

Tom has been working to help pull out the greatness that is within me.  Coming into 2015, I had three goals for this year, one of which is new job.  Tom connected with with a friend of his who works in HR and helped to redo my resume.  He's also helped me develop strategies to start reaching out to people who can help me in my job search.

Additionally, working with Tom has allowed me to become a Host of his radio program, "Journey To Success Radio" on Blog Talk Radio.  JTSR is an internet radio program showcasing interviews with people and companies making a positive difference in their community and the world.

I really feel that Tom's coaching has helped my personal growth.  We've exchanged ideas about life, marriage, family and business.  As I began my own personal growth journey before Tom, I always heard people like Darren Hardy, Jim Rohn and Les Brown talk about getting some coaching and I'm very appreciative of the time that Tom and I have shared.

If you are looking for continual growth as you become a better individual, I would highly recommend working with Tom.

My Napoleon Hill Mentor Tom2Tall Cunningham is an amazing person.

His advice and direction is propelling me to achieve my personal best in all the important areas of my life faith, family and my business !

I will sell 30 cars in a single month by this time next year with all the positive implementations we have scheduled.

Gary Mortell - Car City Motor Co's #1 Salesperson

Thank you for being the inspiring example of integrity, commitment and love of seeing others be their best. I am blessed to have met you.

Ed Lucy

His movements were stiff, not fluid. He had to work to align himself to address the audience. As he began to speak, he explained his condition. I felt bad for his condition, but amazingly not for him. Why? Because I’ve seen people overcome adversity, and even when I broke bones and had casts, we adjust and adapt, put off what’s less important or can’t be done now, or at all, and realign our focus, our purpose. For me, these setbacks were temporary.

For Tom, it’s permanent. So when the going gets tough, the tough get going, and Tom is a going concern. This little dynamo spoke with a conviction, a happiness, a comparative that was humbling. "How lucky we are to live in the great country of Canada", he said. “People in 3rd world countries are lucky if they eat every other day.” Many lessons from my life resonated, corporate training, people I’ve met, and Tom’s comment put it all into crystal clear perspective.

His talk was inspiring to say the least, but moving and motivating. It comes down to a choice. Get busy living, or get busy dying. He chose the former. After the meeting, we spent time in the room, en route to our cars and in the parking lot, sharing stories of our life experiences, of people who meet challenges, not side step, who draw happiness because it’s healthier than the alternative.

Tom is an amazing example of a happy man, accomplished in ways few people will ever achieve, and uses his story and his gift of inspirational voice to realign the compasses of people he reaches with his radio show, webinars and other media.

He took my day from ordinary to extraordinary and I urge all views of this testimonial to engage Tom for your organization, conference or other team building efforts. He will take you to heights you never thought you could reach, and you will then pull others up because the experience you had with Tom 2 Tall Cunningham, a giant among men.

Ron Finlay - Owner of Perpetual Rhythms Entertainment and Event Services - 2-time Winner of the CPDJA's National President's Award

Many Members have said yours was the most worthwhile/best monthly address we have had. No flashy Power Point or slides, but you could have heard a pin drop in that room. As you heard, you may respond

 “Amazing” when asked how you are, but Phyllis Inward spoke for us all when she said that “You are an AMAZING Person”.

Surrounded by complaining and grouching you certainly corrected our perspective by comparison with the availability of food, health care, housing and incomes in the Third World.

Michael White - Combined Probus Club of North Oakville

I used to think I was a “Motivational Speaker”.  I’m old now so that was in the distant past and I’ve learnt a lot since then.  This week I learnt even more.  I was privileged to be in the audience when Tom Cunningham spoke and I learnt what a true “Motivational Speaker” sounds like.

I was asked to thank Tom at the conclusion of his presentation and as I sat listening I began to wonder how I (the member who is never lost for words!) could possibly say anything that would express how deeply I had been moved. 

Tom is only a little over five feet tall yet I was the one who felt small in the presence of such a large personality with so much dignity and charisma. I think I told him that our Probus club listens to a speaker every month (I forgot to mention that we have been doing so for many, many, many years) and that I and everyone in the room considered his to have been the most moving and thereby most motivational speech we have heard.

I will not reiterate the content of his presentation; many have done that better than I could.  With all the difficulties and pain he has faced in his life he has found the courage and will to bear them with dignity, without complaint and by sharing his story with us he motivates us to appreciate the blessings we all share in as citizens of Canada, be we healthy or well.
We forever thank you Tom.

Phyllis Inward - Combined Probus Club of North Oakville

I met Tom Cunningham 3 years ago at the Leader Certification class in Ireland in 2012.

Being able to mix with him in person, Journey To Success Radio, Facebook and Skype; I can truly say that he radiates hope, change and service. The passion to serve and the joy it circulates makes me think that there isn’t a thing that Tom doesn’t think he can do.

While there are plenty who say that there are “no way” to do something, Tom makes something out of the “know thing” as Edison would put it – and then sees it through to completion.

I am so happy and grateful to collaborate on bringing the best of Napoleon Hill to the next generation of thinkers and doers.

Much Love,

Colin Gilmartin, Dream Training, University of Greatness

"Tom is extremely hard-working and perhaps one of the most positive people I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. I would recommend Tom for anyone looking to hire a speaker or join a mastermind group. In Tom's own words he is always doing amazing. "

Anthony Witt

Thanks for speaking at our Experienced Sales Representative Break-through Workshop.  That was an amazing presentation that you gave!  Not only touching me, but many a tear could be seen among the attendees listening to your talk.  Your message of perseverance and tips on adaptation, applying “Think and Grow Rich” were well captured by everyone.

Geoff Assing

Manager, Sales and Distribution Operations and Training
Knowledge First Financial

Tom is an excellent speaker, compelling and inspirational, always professional. He is Mr PMA himself and will always go the extra mile to engage with each and everyone in his audience.

When you hear about the adversity he has endured throughout his life and how he has channelled this into positive energy you cannot help but be influenced by such a shining example of how to live your lifeon purpose.

I challenge anyone not to come away from one of Tom's sessions without being moved and touched by what you have seen and heard. Companies who want to develop their staff and learn about positive mental attitude should definitely engage with Tom. He is the epitome of this.

I feel privileged to know this amazing gentleman.

David Thomson - Owner Best Deal Insurance (UK)

* David is one of my absolute favorite people in the world. He is extremely successful in everything he does. He Goes The Extra Mile in everything he does and helps MANY people with his wisdom.

At 5’1” Tom has a quiet strength. And no matter how bad he may feel on a given day, when asked "How are you Tom?" his answer is always "Amazing!"

Tom in my book is not just a moving speaker with a powerful message, but someone who never quits, never surrenders and still tries each day to be positive. THAT is rare in this world. 

Brad Szollose - Author of Liquid Leadership

It was a pleasure and honor to meet you at Savannah Ross real estate seminar.

When I heard you speak a part of my life was instantly changed. I felt tingling sensations up my spine and became very humbled with a few tears in my eyes. I thought this man is a gift to humanity. Your voice and words had everyone's attention.You spoke authentic from the heart and you were ten feet tall.

Considering the health challenges you have been faced with in your life from a very young boy, and what you have accomplished, you are a perfect role model for "NO EXCUSES" in life. You have inspired me to the core of my being. Thank you Tom. 

Infinite love and gratitude,

Lula Broumas

Psychotherapist, Spiritual Director - Toronto, Ontario


You are a very brave and special person who has lots to teach us about managing health situations.

Judith Shamian - One of Canada's 100 Most Powerful Women, Former CEO of VON (Victorian Order of Nurses) and is currently President of International Council of Nurses

Thank you so much for speaking at our club meeting today.  Your talk helped us focus on feeling and expressing gratitude more openly and honestly...something that should come naturally but something that we often lose sight of.

Lesley Barmania - 2013-2014 President of Rotary Club of Mississauga-Meadowvale

Your tag line motto is “have an amazing day” but I felt your amazing personality as we became friends at the Think And Grow Rich Summit and heard you speak on that stage.

I guess I must have been in awe and forgot about my note-taking. As you face daily challenges or nuances  your positive mindset and outlook has allowed you to find the blessings in each day we are all given.

We are not here to compare our stories to others and determine which is worse but you just being you, inspires people to elevate their thinking and seek their own blessings to share.

I’d love to hear one day how you got the nickname “Tom 2 Tall Cunningham” because the way I see it, your true inner-being IS too tall for your physical being; that’s with all of us, we are all limited physically but never spiritually.

Author April J. Ford

Tom's enthusiasm, dedication, sincerity, and pleasing personality come through each time he takes center stage. His desire to help everyone in the audience is underscored by his willingness to go the extra mile when he speaks. Tom does not shy away from hard work. When I watch him present I wonder how he does it. But the real answer is, he sacrifices his own personal comfort in order to make someone else's life better. Tom doesn't just make a difference. He makes a BIG difference in the lives of those he touches day in and day out. When you get the opportunity, be sure to be in the audience when Tom speaks. Your heart and soul will be touched. I know mine were.

Michael Telapary - Napoleon Hill Certified Instructor, Author, Speaker, World Class Floutist, and Organo Gold Sapphire

We, in Malaysia, truly enjoyed every minute of your presence in Kuala Lumpur. You mesmerized the more then 1750 people and left them counting their blessings. You made our MALAYSIA MDRT DAY 2012 truly a very memorable one. Even the VIP guests were taken aback with your determinations and guts. You are truly Amazing Tom. Please keep Amazing people with your story. You are an INSPIRATION .

I, on behalf of Malaysia MDRT MCC (Membership Communication Committee), would once again like to thank both of you for everything.

Mohamed Manmohan Abdullah


What a great man he is.

When Tom Cunningham answers my phone calls he always answers amazing, and he is not kidding. Tom is indeed one of the most amazing individuals I have ever met in my life. I believe that we were destined to meet as he has become my friend, my teammate as well as my mentor.

Tom’s life impacts mine greatly because he shows and proves to me that he can overcome all adversities and is always able to find seeds of an equivalent or greater benefit.

We come from different parts of the world yet Tom makes it simple for me to reach out to him.

Tom is a great friend sent to me by the Infinite Intelligence.

Timothy Chhim

* Tim's life story is the most interesting and fascinating of anyone I have ever met. He is a soon to be Certified Napoleon Hill Instructor. He and I will be recording his life story on video. Your jaw will drop when you hear what he has lived through.

Because of the tragedy our family faced when we lost our oldest boy, Cal, at age 13 to leukemia, Tom "Too Tall" Cunningham's story is the one that is closest to my heart and the one that really resonates with me.

Having had Rheumatoid Arthritis from his jaw to his toes from when he was just a child his is a story of great physical pain and mental fortitude to keep moving forward.  For all the surgeries Tom has had, all medications he has taken, all the setbacks and difficulties including joints that don't bend anymore, Tom is the epitome of a positive mental attitude.  

He has defined his Definite Purpose and has become a ray of hope and inspiration for many more than he knows for when you ask Tom how he's doing he always says "Amazing!"  And when he speaks up on stage he's so comfortable in front of a group and gets his points across - no matter what life throws at you there is no reason to give up, but there are a lot of reasons to keep moving forward while learning from life's adversities.

Tom Sutter

Cal's All Star Angels

I met Tom at the Napoleon Hill International Convention 2012 in Malaysia and I was truly inspired by his words. Tom is a great motivator and influenced others to be positive. It is definitely a great pleasure getting to know him! During the convention, Tom shared about his life which inspires me to work even harder and maintain a positive mental attitude even when facing adversities. I am grateful for the principles that Tom shared with me and I am applying it in my life. He is a role model for everyone and I'm sure that he have made a difference in the lives of many just as he have done to mine. Simply amazing! I am really thankful for the opportunity to write a testimonial for someone who has impacted my live so much!

July 28, 2012 - Amanda Chia, age 13, Singapore

Testimonial from Triple T Team of Taylor TaggTim Chhim and Tom too tall Cunningham Talk to Industrial Readiness Training (IRT) students at Southwest Tennessee Community College

Tim, Tom, and Taylor were very inspiring! Their stories touched my heart and I even shared them with my children. I learned that I could be more. I can do more. I have no excuses for not living my life to the fullest. Thank you for that!

Angelica Sanders 

Thank you so much for your inspiring and heartfelt talk this morning. Listening to the members after our meeting I must say that you received rave reviews ! 

On a personal note, it was a pleasure to meet you and I was moved to tears as you spoke this morning. Thank you in advance for things that will happen in my future that I don't even know about !

I do hope our paths will cross again.

Linda Genser

Probus Club of Bracebridge

Tom is truly an inspiration and invokes the best performance out of you when he interviews you to inspire others. Recently I was a guest on Tom Too Tall Cunningham's show "Journey To Success". We had a wonderful time sharing our love of Zig Ziglar and Napoleon Hill as well as many other great motivators of our time! Being a show host myself, the shoe was on the other foot as Tom interviewed me. He made me feel at ease and energized all at the same time!

E. Michelle Lee

An Exception To The Rules

Thank you for agreeing to sit on the panel for Commitment To A Cure.

The audience were clearly moved by your experiences of living with arthritis and appreciated the humour that you brought to the event.

Thank you for your dedication to The Arthritis Society.

Lorna Catrambone Community Engagement Manager for The Arthritis Society

I’ve known Tom 3 years.

We literally worked side by side on a vast array of diverse publishing projects. I got to watch him in action pretty closely. What most impressed me about him was his ability to focus on the task at hand and not let petty jealousies and venality get in the way of his goals.

It’s fair to note that he’s a complex individual. His is a fair-minded intellectual honesty and he makes a point of sparing no-one his sharp wit. All of this while retaining his characteristic deep and awe-filled humility. Not an easy task in the face of constant and pervasive pain on a daily basis.

It’s easy for everyone to comment on his positive attitude. After all, he always answers “amazing” every time he’s asked about how things are going. Worth pointing out is that Tom doesn’t indulge himself in any misguided self delusion. Not at all. His sense of gratitude to the larger universe pulls him toward the useful truth in new challenges. It’s what lets him focus on what is good and ignore the dross.

He also deeply understands that success likes speed. For Tom, new ideas translate to rapid implementation. He’s interested in getting things done. And his accomplishments speak for themselves.

“Amazing” indeed.

Howard Rosenberg

Fleet Account Executive, FOSS National Leasing

Tom is an AMAZING guy. Not just because he says it but because he steps up to life more than most. The majority of people who have been given as much pain to cope with as Tom would be staying home and just putting up with their circumstances. Tom uses his gift of pain to be more than he is and inspire others who are struggling in life. Listen to his story and be inspired to make the most of YOUR life, regardless of what life has given you.

Janet Jones - The UK's Leading Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructor & Founder of The Happiness Millionaire

I met Tom at the Napoleon Hill conference in Malaysia.Tom was one of the individuals who inspired me the most. I was inspired by the way Tom looks at life as his perspective of life is so unique and so fresh and I wish other people would learn from that. Tom's positive attitude, message and his humor can touch hearts all over the world. Tom's personal challenges are no match for his AMAZING attitude. He is a living example of overcoming adversity with a smile. It is a pleasure to know Tom and have him as a friend.

Adil Dalal, CEO, Pinnacle Process SolutionsIntl.(R)., LLC, Host

Tom Cunningham is one of the finest people you would ever want to meet. I met him on the Napoleon Hill Certified Instructor trip to Ireland and I was blown away with his friendliness, caring, and concern for others.

Tom has a passion for helping others improve and grow, especially through the success principles of Napoleon Hill. He is a mentor, coach, and wonderful speaker who gives his all in the name of service. It's an honor to know Tom. He has overcome significant obstacles in his life that have only helped him become the amazing person he is today. Tom is a true inspiration to the world!

Taylor Tagg - Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructor, and Author

An amazing person you should know. He is in all, much greater than small, Tom 2 Tall Cunningham. Tom is a delight to be around as you will come to appreciate his tremendous humor. He is truly an amazing person that lives a life of purpose to inspire others. He is an individual that will truly go the extra mile for you. As I have experienced Tom's speech in Malaysia at the Napoleon Hill International Conference for 2012, I can say he is an engaging and inspiring speaker because he will move you to appreciate life's adversities and prosperities. The proof of this statement is that he received a generous standing ovation at that important international conference. I am honored to be able to say, that I am a friend of Tom 2 Tall Cunningham.

Jeremy Rayzor - Founder of Rayzor Sharp Entertainment, Inc.

Inventor of Achievus Napoleon Hill Cooperative Board Game

“Tom Cunningham is simply one of the most thoughtful, supportive and considerate individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. His quest to add value to others is uncanny, always seeking to go the ‘extra mile ‘ in everything he does. His positive mental attitude, spirit of team play and commitment to excellence is exemplary and inspires others to do the same. I have only utmost respect and admiration for Tom and I am glad to provide him with the highest of recommendations”

Phil R. Taylor, author of Set Yourself on Fire

Goal Achievers Radio

“Tom was an inspiration to everyone on the trip. He is truly an AMAZING person who doesn't know the meaning of the word "quit". He is a delight to be around, and his positive attitude rubs off on people around him. I am blessed to have met Tom and consider him now a friend. He became a Napoleon Hill instructor on this trip, and we are all so proud of his accomplishments, and how he lives his life.”

Pat Andreatta, Owner of Escape Cruises & Travel, the official travel agency of The Napoleon Hill Foundation

“Wow!!! Tom Cunningham is truly inspirational, what an incredible life story of how the power of positive mental attitude can help you overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. I have had the pleasure of knowing Tom Cunningham through our involvement with Goal Achievers International. Despite having Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA) since age 5 and having had 4 hips, 4 knees and 2 shoulders replaced and being in hospital more than 40 times, Tom still finds a way to remain positive and grateful for the blessings he has received in life. As a Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructor Tom has used the philosophies shared in the Law of Success to create opportunities out of obstacles. His story is incredibly powerful as it shows what can truly be accomplished when one has definiteness of purpose and a passion for doing more to enrich the lives of others. Tom continues to speak for the Napoleon Hill Foundation and is the spokes person for the Arthritis Society. His message of courage in the face of obstacles has inspired others to believe that anything is possible if one maintains a positive mental attitude. Tom Cunningham makes no excuses for the obstacles he encounters on a daily basis. He is resilient and committed to self improvement and service to others.

Courtney Carroll, Speaker, High School Principal, Real Estate Investor and martial arts instructor

Courtney Carroll

Tom is one of the most amazing and inspiring people I have ever met. It’s funny how we (unfortunately) end up taking people or things for granted, and that’s what I thought about going to work this morning. The amount of physical pain that Tom goes through would probably be enough to make the army of grown men cry at once. But, he never talks about it. He channels the pain into the positive energy, and that is one of the reasons why he succeeds at every level. The amount of goodness in his heart allows him to help a lot of people on his way to the top. I am truly blessed to have him as a personal friend and a colleague. Keep shining and keep inspiring others, Mr. Amazing Tom Cunningham!

Milos Bulatovic Senior Research Director, The Canadian Business Journal (CBJ)

The Canadian Business Journal

I have had the pleasure of knowing Tom for almost a decade now. I can sincerely say that I have never met anyone with such a positive mental attitude and towards life in general. Given the adversity this man has endured, one would expect to see a much more jaded human. The proverbial cherry on top is how good Tom is at his job and in influencing others. To put it simply, I challenge you to ever get a response to “How are you today Tom?” and hear anything other than “AMAZING!”.

Jacques Gauthier Director Marketing Carpedia International


I have known Tom Cunningham for 25 years and he has always been a high spirited, very positive, very genuine person. I met Tom at the business level when I was in the real estate and property management field in the mid 80’s. I had the pleasure of selling Tom some real estate property and that business experience developed further in me getting to know him personally as well as meeting some of his other many good friends and many business acquaintances. He has always conducted himself very professionally and has always been at the forefront in helping other people.

Marcello Bentivoglio FM Windows Ottawa, ON

FM Windows & Doors

Tom's been a personal friend for over 20 years. A friendship this long can only come from mutual respect and admiration. What I admire most about Tom is his constant positive attitude considering his uphill battle he faces everyday with his health! Many would succumb to his trials but Tom stays true. Challenges to Tom are welcome in his world - they are not obstacles or obstructions - they are a chance to learn from experience; a chance to grow in wisdom. Anyone who would like to be inspired by a passionate, humorous speaker would be wise to put their trust in Tom. I fully recommend him and would be glad to stand by as a reference if you decide to contact me.

Hal Price Manager of Production iSi Global Webcasting

Having grown up with Tom I'm in the unique position of knowing ALL of his history. I can say that life has never been easy for him due to physical challenges. I don't remember a single occasion where he used that as an excuse. He has taught me never to give up and always give 200%. Tom can certainly provide inspiration to others through anecdotal stories of how his attitude gets him through what could be considered the worst of times.

Sarah Galler Pishku Baby LLC, Owner (Also my sister)

Pishku Swaddling Blankets 

I met Tom a little over 15 years ago and I don't think I've ever been more impressed with anyone in my life than with Tom "too-tall" Cunningham and his attitude toward life! Dispite his physical disability I can't ever remember hearing him complaining about, or blaming anyone, especially his God, whom he believes in with all his heart, for it! I had the privilege of spending early morning meetings with him over a period of five years, and got to know him pretty well. He has a deep sense of accomplishment, a great work ethic, and the greatest up-beat attitude that would put most people to shame! I was president of a well known national safety equipment company, ISECO, for over 16 years, so I know what I looked for in people for sales ability, and as encouragers, and Tom has all those qualities, plus more.

Garry Munnings President of ISECO Safety (retired) Current Chair person of the CSA Technical Committee on Safety Footwear

“I have had the privillege to meet Tom at different times. He is such an imspiration for many, through his work and his blog. I was moved to tears after hearing him speak about what he has been through in his life. What a positive attitude!!! The world stage is yours Tom”

Patrick Bizindavyi, Owner, Journeyman Stories

Journeyman Stories

“Tom is great to work with. He always kept the team motivated with his keen sense of humor as well as he ensured that the key performance indicators were up to mark. He kept the team functioning at it's optimum level by providing the required motivation and tools for both personal and professional development. I wish him the very best for his future endeavors.”

Ajay Gandhi, Business Development Associate, Carpedia International

Tom is very friendly and for me, he is the first man whom I can think "international friend".

His like words is "AMAZING!"and he enjoy his life excitingly in spite of body handicap. I love Tom and I want to cheer him for a long time.

Takeshi Umemura

Takeshi is a Certified Napoleon Hill Instructor who lives in Japan. He attends Napoleon Hill Foundation events even though his English isn't perfect yet. I am a BIG fan of Takeshi's.

"Tom is simply amazing! I met Tom during the 2012 Napoleon Hill International Convention and he was one of the featured speakers for that event. He truly embodies the principles of personal achievements described by Napoleon Hill. Tom's stage sharing of his personal journey and of his daily triumphs served as a source of inspiration for all whom were present. Someone who goes the extra mile in adding value to others through his "Journey To Success" radio network, Tom maintains a positive mental attitude in all that he does. Continue to inspire and spread your message Tom!"

Chris Han, Trainer & Entrepreneur, Singapore

My children and I have been talking about how busy you are. What they are learning from such good examples like you is the busier you are the more you can get done. Logically it doesn't make sense but all the successful people I know are able to squeeze 30 hours into 24. Yet they all still maintain the balance all our lives require. Thanks for being such a amazing example.

Ernest Lehti - Calgary, Alberta

In the short time I have known him, Tom has shown me what an unrelenting positive mental attitude can do for you! He is a man of outstanding quality, who goes the extra 5 miles for anyone he comes in contact with.

In spite of his health condition and grueling work schedule, you will not hear anything but "I'm Amazing" come out of Tom's mouth, when asked how he is. And he means it!

Tom is also an excellent coach, mentor and friend to many people, and is very good at getting others to step out of their comfort zone, and greet new opportunities with action.

Further, Tom is a world-class speaker with the Napoleon Hill Foundation, where he is also a Certified Instructor. His talks at these events, have given hope and inspiration to thousands from around the world.

I am thankful to have him as a friend. 

Brad Callander - Owner of Blue Roof Investments, a real estate investing company

The personal challenges you have faced most of your life, and shared with us last Tuesday were an inspiration to all of us, especially now that some of our members (including me) are in their 'senior' Senior years.

Evelyn Lonergan - Telco Community Volunteers Scarborough Branch

You must check out Tom's website and read his incredible story. Tom is an absolute inspiration and a wonderful connection.

Joe Nuckols - Author & Host at Nightingale-Conant

Great interview Tom! I've been interviewed on about 2,000 radio and TV show talk shows and you were one of the best I've had! I am impressed!

Jack M. Zufelt - Author of The DNA of Success

I met Tom at the certification program of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, Ireland 2012.
Tom is one of the most inspiring persons I met in our group and in my live. He is always ready with ideas, possibilities and is very dedicated to his purpose. In the three weeks being my Mentor/Coach I accomplished more than ever in this short of time. We are personally connected even though he lives in Canada and I am in the Netherlands.

My succes is his success and together we do the JOURNEYTOSUCCESS. 
Thanks Tom for being there for me. 

Met vriendelijke groet,
Ruth Neslo 

Again I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your positive posts and attitude on Facebook! I have enjoyed learning more about you and your struggles. You truly are an inspiration to many.

Chris Rogers - Zija Moringa

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." What if you read this each time you made a phone call, or texted, or received a call? Imagine the possibilities of auto-suggesting this into your mind hundreds of times per day.

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