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Tracey C Jones President of Tremendous Leadership on Adversity

Tracey C Jones, President of Tremendous Leadership writes about Adversity and provides a Napoleon Hill Lucky Dozen offer to my readers.

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Adversity by Tracey c jones



Adversity isn't a noble thing; it's a character building thing. It's also our most influential teacher. Many wish this were not so, but if you can develop a healthy relationship with failure, you can live life in peaceful prosperity regardless of your circumstances or external events.

There's a quote by Sydney J. Harris that I love, "When I hear someone say ‘Life is hard,' I am always tempted to ask ‘Compared to what?'" Or as my father, the late, great Charlie “Tremendous” Jones would exclaim, “Of course you’ve got problems; you’re not dead!” 

Let’s go back to school and learn the 3 R’s. Not reading ‘riting and ‘rithmetic but rather resilience, redemption, and radiance. 

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." What if you read this each time you made a phone call, or texted, or received a call? Imagine the possibilities of auto-suggesting this into your mind hundreds of times per day.

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Resilience: They say failure is not falling down, but rather staying down. After being hit with most everything life can throw I would wholeheartedly agree. Half the time life is going to agree with you and the other half the wheels are going to come off.

Sometimes no amount of strategic planning could have prevented it from happening. Life just has too many moving pieces. The sooner you realize all you can do is the best you can do and make the commitment to just keep on keepin' on, the further ahead you'll be.

The real trick is to never cease activity. Always be moving in a direction, no matter how slowly.  I may never speak to the masses on accruing vast sums of money or running huge organizations, but I do know a thing or two about going from beat up to upbeat.

Psychologists call this personality trait, extroversion, and they claim it is the key to happiness. This positivity principle means that you can take a negative and turn it into something productive. Best of all, this trait can be developed and amplified in people (bonus), and we tend to get better at this as we get older (double bonus).

Resiliency is strength, character, and tenacity; and it is a beautiful thing to witness.



Redemption: As we fill our experience bag and become more seasoned individuals, we begin writing our life narrative. The self-biographies are chock full of our experiences and our outcomes, our successes, and our failures.

Our greatest stories will come from our most significant struggles. These redemptive moments happen when it all comes crashing down around us.

Sometimes it's a result of a failure on our part; sometimes we have a vague intuition that something isn't right, and many times, we don't even see it coming. However, out of these personal crucifixions comes our rebirth. It's a complete and utter pruning away of everything we thought we had. And at these moments, when we are stripped bare, we see with clarity what needs to be done.

I have had several cataclysmic periods in my life. Something close to me was either working against me or non-value added anymore.

So, when things get ripped away from you, count it as blessings because you now have the opportunity to be reborn. Don't beat yourself up for too long, it is what it is.

Just because you couldn't or wouldn't see it before doesn't mean it wasn't there all along. Thank God for cleaning your lenses and turn your focus where it needs to be, finally.

Radiance: They say when you're "in the zone," it'll show. You will get this clarity, this certainty, this passion that blows through eating and sleeping times, a fervor that propels you into a whole different dimension.

I am fascinated by stories of the martyrs, those who have held so resolutely in their conviction that they could not separate from it, even under the threat of death. In the Book of Matthew, there's a recount of Jesus with his disciples on the Mount of Transfiguration. It's when Jesus changed into his glorified form and shone with rays of bright light. It was witnessed by three of his closest followers, Peter, James, and John. He also talked about the upcoming “adversity” i.e. his crucifixion.

When you dial into your inner purpose for walking this planet, you will reveal to others the burning flame deep within. At one of my recent prison book club discussions (talk about a light in the darkness!), one of the men said: "We need to live from the inside out, and not let the outside in. "This incredible description describes the trait of radiance better than any I have heard before. Adversity fans the flames of radiance. It reveals your inner light.


I hope these points give you great courage when you face your next trial or tribulation.

You can't be a diamond if you don't get cut. The stresses and heartbreaks of life are often touch points for developing a greater you.

I once heard the analogy of a sling shot. Life pulls us back and back; the tension is unbearable because all we want to do is move forward, yet we can't. And then one day, when released onto our true life trajectory, we can use that blessed tension to launch toward our goals with humility and aspiration and hit our mark resolutely.

Tracey C Jones - President of Tremendous Leadership