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trenell walker interviewed by colin gilmartin for journey to success radio

Trenell Walker is paralyzed from the waist down due to a football injury incurred when he was 14 years old. He is also a Ziglar Certified Instructor.

Ziglar Legacy Certification

Trenell was interviewed by Colin Gilmartin for Journey To Success Radio.

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about trenell walker

Have you experienced something that made you say, "why me?" You suddenly lose something or someone important causing you to feel hopeless. Hopelessness is a problem that most of us experience one time or another in our lives. Some have committed suicide because they didn't have hope in a better future. Trenell Walker wants you to know there's still hope when you feel less.

At the tender age of 14, Trenell experienced a life-changing football injury, which resulted in paralysis from the neck down. The sport he loved, along with the future he envisioned, was taken away. His plan to use his athletic talents to retire his single mom was canceled. Trenell's self image was shattered like a piece of glass leaving him hopeless.

 What were meant to be his high school glory days turned to temporary defeat.  In Trenell's eyes temporary defeat does not mean permanent failure because "nothing beats a failure, but a try." Using the same determination and perseverance he had relied on as an athlete, Trenell shifted his sights from an athletic career to one of serving others. He's overcome what many would consider insurmountable odds and is accomplishing his goals, all the while inspiring others to never give. His faith, family's support and the TRENELL effect have contributed to his success.

Trenell graduated from Sherman High School in May of 1999.  He received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Rehabilitation Studies May 2005 from the University of North Texas (UNT).  Trenell attained a Masters degree in Rehabilitation Counseling at UNT August 8, 2008.  He is a certified rehabilitation counselor for Angels of Care Pediatric Medical Equipment and Supplies company. Trenell is also a Ziglar Legacy Certified trainer.

This phenomenal young man has inspired people with and without disabilities, including students in elementary through college. His message of hope has empowered troubled teens, athletes, legislators and business owners to never quit. Do you know someone in need of hope? We all do. Let Trenell show you what to do when life pushes you 2 steps back so you can make a great comeback!