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trios college speaking engagement

Trios College is an award winning private career college with 9 locations across southwestern Ontario. Lori Haus, the Employment Specialist at the Hamilton campus invited me to speak to some of the students and share my story.

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I shared a story at this talk that I have never shared from the stage before. In 1979, when I was 16 years old I was checked into the Ottawa Children's Hospital.

At the time I was not suffering from an full blown arthritis attach, which had been the reason for all my hospital stays previously. This time I was in for a week and getting a bunch of tests of all sorts because once I turned 17 I was considered an adult and would not ever be admitted to the children's hospital again. I was there mostly for medical research.

While I was there for that week I had 2 people die in the bed beside me, one a 12 year old boy and the other a 9 year old girl.

I shared a room with the boy first for 3 days. He was hooked to numerous machines that made a fair bit of noise, which made it very difficult, actually impossible, to sleep. One night I slept on the couch in the visitor's lounge and another night I slept on a gurney in the hallway. I was thinking bad thoughts about this boy personally. The night he died, and I was rushed out of the room as part of the hospital's procedure when someone dies, I broke down and cried a lot. I realized the error of my thinking and feelings towards this poor boy who was suffering so badly. I felt like a jerk to be honest.

The parents of the 9 year old girl who died of cancer beside me had gone to the hospital administration to request that she be allowed to share a room with me while I was there. The girl really liked me. I played with her and made her laugh. Hospitals do not put girls and boys in the same room but the hospital made an exception in this case. When she died, and again I was rushed out of the room, I again broke down and cried a lot.

about trios college

triOS College has helped over 20,000 students become successful, job-ready graduates for over 20 years.  triOS is registered as a private career college under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005. 

Canadian owned and operated, triOS is an award-winning private career college whose vision is to help students become job ready graduates. triOS offers numerous career-focused diploma programs across 5 faculties that allow students to discover a richer, more rewarding future.

With 9 convenient locations across southwestern Ontario, triOS College was founded in 1992 by its co-founders who continue to provide hands-on direction and leadership.

Through internships and job shadowing, triOS graduates emerge with actual working experience in their chosen field.

triOS College Employment Specialists are assigned to work with each of our students from their first day on campus. They work closely with students to prepare them with effective career search techniques and  key career management strategies.

Our Career Services Teams reach out to businesses, corporations and government to identify career opportunities. Their focus is to raise the profile of our highly trained graduates within the business community.

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