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The Ultimate Mastermind Summit Press Release

The Ultimate Mastermind Summit being put on by Tony Rubleski and Paul Guyon from the MindCapture Group is being held in Chicago in September and I have been invited to be one of the speakers.

The Press Release for the event is below.

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Contact: Tony Rubleski

P: 616-638-3912 |

Upcoming Event to Honor Top Business Leaders and Share Proven Strategies for Growth in Any Economy

Event on September 18-19th in Chicago to Put Spotlight on Business and Innovation Leaders Who are Growing and Positively Serving Others   

Chicago, IL – With the health of the economy a continued point of interest around the globe, a unique event will share and reveal a different way of looking at how and why some businesses are succeeding better than others.

Top minds from the business and personal development industries along with other agents of positive change from across the globe will descend upon Chicago, Illinois, this September 18 & 19th, 2014 for an annual event to celebrate business, success, and free markets titled, the Ultimate Mastermind Summit.  Last year’s event titled, Think and Grow Rich Summit, was held in Del Mar, California.

The event will take a detailed at the mindset and business skills that help people and companies to succeed, regardless of market conditions. Attendees and selected leaders will form mastermind groups, to discuss and get ideas to help them take advantage of their most important opportunities and overcome their most challenging business obstacles. 

Attendees at last year’s event were impressed with the caliber of speakers assembled and the positive messages from last year’s award winners. Nelson Griswold of Nashville said, “Fantastic job with the Summit! I heard terrific comments from attendees and speakers I spoke with seemed to really appreciate the event…I really hated to walk out the door on the final day.”

Veronica Basulto from San Diego added, “I knew this event had more value that what I had spent. I now know that you can’t put a price on what I have received this week.

Above: Tony Rubleski (left), myself and Paul Guyon

Event host and creator, Tony Rubleski, said, “Job creators and innovators who provide vital products, services, solutions and new breakthroughs, will share their insights about success and also be celebrated for their positive contribution to the world.” The assembled speakers will unite from both the business and personal development industries to share ways to get and stay ahead.

Rubleski added, “Many entrepreneurs and small business owners risk it all, often fail a time or two, only to learn, make adjustments and persist onward to achieve success years later after most people along the challenging quest mocked, ridiculed, and called them crazy.”

Seven high-achievers will receive unique awards for their lifetime body of including:

·         Ultimate Mastermind Summit Imagination Award - George Lucas

·         Ultimate Mastermind Summit Lifetime Achievement Award - Oprah Winfrey and Brian Tracy

·         Ultimate Mastermind Summit Persistence Award - Chris Gardner

·         Ultimate Mastermind Summit Entrepreneurial Excellence Award - Ivan Misner and Mary Kay Ash (Posthumous)

·         Spirit of Free Enterprise Award - ACN

·         The W. Clement Stone Catalyst Award - Seth Godin

Event organizer and host Tony Rubleski, 41, is currently the president of Mind Capture Group. He is a bestselling author, speaker, strategic business consultant and has over 20+ years of knowledge, expertise, and contacts within the business and personal development industries.

For media inquiries, interview requests and schedule availability please contact Tony Rubleski at 616-638-3912 or via email:

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