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valen vergara - author, social entrepreneur & b2c marketer on journey to success radio

Valen Vergara recently attended The Napoleon Hill Foundation Leader Certification trip to the French Lick Resort in Indiana. He is also a Social Marketer, Author and B2C Marketer.

Valen was interviewed for Journey To Success Radio.

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about valen vergara

Valen is an award winning Author, Social Entrepreneur, Speaker, Investor and B2C Marketer. Valen is the author of The People, Planet, Profit Entrepreneur™ and the Co-Founder of the Young Entrepreneurs Society International, an exclusive event, seminar & mastermind organization.

He is one of a select few entrepreneurial experts in North America chosen as a cast member in the movie “Game Changer,” a documentary about increasing performance in business and life. Valen is the Founder of The Worldwide Expedition for Peace & Truth Project Inc. The WEPT Project Inc. promotes social entrepreneurship for the express purpose of fundraising for humanitarian aid and development projects. 

Valen is also the CEO at Now Network Joint Ventures Corp. NNJV specializes in business to consumer marketing and real estate joint ventures. He is the president of Team Made Real Estate™, and the Organizer for the Everyday Investors United Manitoba. Valen's strategic objective is to move entrepreneurs towards high performance in the modern economy using his Eight Tiers Of Transcendent Thinking™. His life's work is centered on mentoring, empowering and investing in the field of human potential.


Valen Vergara is a mover and shaker, and I am thrilled that he is a part of the Game Changer movie project. As an overachiever, Valen is an awesome example of a Game Changer. I knew when he was selected to appear in the Game Changer, his message would be a key in the success of the project. Follow this visionary, and engage with this phenomenal example of what a dedicated and conscientious leader truly is. Valen has found his calling, he is out to change the world, and I believe that he’ll be successful at it.

SHAWN SHEWCHUK, The #1 Results Coach In The Country, Best Selling Author Of Change Your Thinking Change Your Results!

The art of giving was never better suited but for Valen Vergara, Social Entrepreneur, Award Winning Author, Investor, International Speaker and Philanthropist. A born true leader, Valen is wearing the confidence of a true missionary, the wisdom of a philosopher and the heart of a hero. And if this is not enough, Valen made his mission in life to navigate away from stereotypes and nonsense, and explore new dimensions of knowledge. His journey has started into the future with steady steps, knowing that he is born into Significance. When you meet him, celebrate because your life is about to start!

MARINA NANI, Author, International Professional Speaker, Founder of the Academy Of Significance

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." What if you read this each time you made a phone call, or texted, or received a call? Imagine the possibilities of auto-suggesting this into your mind hundreds of times per day.

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