ViraDyne Earns You Money Searching The Internet

The ViraDyne Affiliate Program is your chance to get a piece of that $20 Billion pie search engine pie!

Link180 makes money exactly the same way as Google™*, Yahoo!®*, Bing®*, and AOL®* who make a combined total of over $20 billion per year. Advertisers pay them for searchers who click on "Sponsored Links" at the top of the search results page, and for views and clicks on website ads. A vast majority of the income is from clicks on "Sponsored Links".

When you sign up as an Affiliate, you get a FREE Link180 homepage. Do all of your internet searches using the Link180 search bar at the top of the page. Just search as you normally did on your old search engine. It is very important that you only click on links and ads that are of genuine interest to you.

Link180 could have spent millions of dollars on TV, radio, and print media advertising to attract homepage users. Instead, they chose to harness the power of word-of-mouth advertising through an exclusive worldwide agreement with a marketing company named ViraDyne. Every month, Link180 pays them a flat fee for every active homepage user ever referred! A majority of that flat fee is paid out monthly to Affiliates for homepage user referrals.

They will donate an additional amount equal to 10% of your total paycheck to the approved charity of your choice! This donation is paid on your behalf but is not deducted from your paycheck; it is paid out in addition to your paycheck total.When was the last time you received a cash reward for using your current search engine?

- FREE sign up and no monthly fees

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