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Walk To Fight Arthritis - How Funds Are Used

The Walk To Fight Arthritis, sponsored by the makers of Tylenol, is the Arthritis Society's major fundraiser. Here are some of the ways the funds from the walk are used.

Message From Janet Yale - President & CEO of the Arthritis Society

Here are just some of the ways that funds you raise can make a difference:

  • as little as $10 helps a person attend a presentation to learn more about arthritis or help deal with symptoms
  • $25 pays for a person to attend a Chronic Pain Management Workshop
  • $75 funds a day of innovative and promising work for a research trainee
  • $100 provides a kid with childhood arthritis with a special backpack containing a teddy bear that can be warmed or cooled to ease sore joints, a children's book, practical tools like pencil grips and zipper pulls, as well as an educational video and other resources for families to help kids live well with arthritis
  • $200 allows someone struggling to live well with their arthritis to attend a six-week Arthritis Self-Management Program
  • $500 delivers public forums to discuss arthritis treatment and researchWhat you raise stays local, benefiting neighbours, friends and co-workers right in your community who are living with arthritis.
  • Take your first step today! Make your MOVE and register to join us on June 9th for the Walk today. Best of all, if you register and raise $100 online before April 30, 2013 you'll be entered to win a $100 gift card from Future Shop!It's your MOVE. Take the first step and complete your registration today.

Janet Yale

President & CEO

The Impact of Arthritis: Arthritis costs Canada more than $33 billion a year in healthcare expenses and lost productivity.

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