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when mommies get crazy author christina callander on journey to success radio

When Mommies Get Crazy! is a children's book with a message about unconditional love. The author Christina Callner, and her husband Brad, are both very good friends of my wife and myself. They are great people.

I interviewed Christina on Journey To Success Radio to talk about the message in her book.

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when mommies get crazy!

About Forgiving Ourselves and Accepting Unconditional Love

Have you ever seen a mommy get crazy? I bet you have.

People of all ages, whether you are a mom or have had a mom at some point in your life, will relate to this heartwarming tale of sleepover plans getting cancelled when a mommy gets crazy; and will appreciate ending up in a place of forgiveness and Love.

When Mommies Get Crazy! author, Christina Callander, lives in Ontario with her husband and two children.  She is a dedicated student of life and a consistent ‘happy learner’.  She embraces the flexibility of being a budding entrepreneur and enjoys walks, talks and long lunches with a good friend.  The book was inspired by many life experiences.  Her own and those of her family and friends over the years. 

Now, let me guess…When you signed up for this ‘parenting role’, you weren’t going to make mistakes.  At least not the same mistakes your friends or your own Mom made.  You were all lined up to be the ‘Perfect Mom!’ – With perfect children in tow, of course!

It doesn’t take long for your world to let you know otherwise.  The perceived sideways glances, the open stares, the comments that you can’t hear, but know are about you and your children.  The judgement starts to take hold.  “You mean I’m not a perfect mom?” you start to think.  “And my kids aren’t perfect either?” you question.  It sometimes seems like no matter what you do, you can’t please everyone, (least of all yourself, which is probably not even on your radar at this point.)

When we took on the role of being a mother, for some reason, many of us also felt that this included the job of making everybody happy.  As unrealistic as that sounds, we still think we can do it and hold ourselves to that expectation.  Even to the point of feeling that being loved is dependent on fulfilling this role.  What an exhausting and impossible task!

Unconditional Love does not have these requirements.  Unconditional Love holds no judgement, only acceptance.  It sees all things as either Love or a call for Love.   A bully is calling for Love.  A victim is calling for Love.  An angry mother is calling for Love. These calls for Love stem from feeling the judgements from any number of places (starting with programming from our parents throughout our childhood and often continuing throughout our adult years).  We accept them as true and incorporate those beliefs into our own judgement of ourselves and others.  Beliefs like ‘I’m not good enough, I’ll always be a failure.’  You get the idea.  In the process, we seem to convince ourselves that we do not deserve this unconditional Love.  At this point, the guilt sets in.  And we all know how guilt feels – YUCKY!   We don’t like how it feels, so we try to throw the judgement and guilt out onto others in ‘a call for Love’.

Now, unconditional Love is often expected of a parent for his or her children, and often felt, but perhaps not always understood.  Unconditional Love, the Love that God Is, can be learned most easily from the natural unconditional Love given from a child.  Often our children catch these calls for Love and respond with the unconditional Love we are calling for.  However, we have to open up to be able to see it and accept it.  Many times we let our anger block us from receiving this Love that we are calling for.  I don’t know how many times my daughter has held her arms open to me for a hug and I have chosen not to accept it.  I am learning that if feels much nicer and I am given such a sense of peace when I set my anger and craziness aside and accept the Love that is offered.  The look of pure happiness in her eyes! Just to have been received!

“When Mommies Get Crazy!” is a children’s book that helps us accept the craziness that seems to be part of life.  We are all human and humans are not perfect.  We make mistakes.  That’s how we learn.  Our own mistakes help us learn that God loves us – mistakes and all – just the way we are.  You don’t have to earn God’s love, or your child’s or your parent’s.  It’s always there, you just need to choose to accept it.

When Mommies Get Crazy! is available on,,, and you can contact Christina at

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