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wines and lines fundraiser for rotary club of oakville

Wines and Lines is a very popular fundraising event for the Rotary Club of Oakville. 

The 2015 event will be held on Thursday, April 23rd.

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about wines and lines

Captivate your senses and your heart with this extraordinary evening including fine wines, fabulous food, a spectacular silent art auction, inspirational success stories from well-loved Canadian authors, AND a choice of one of their latest books! (Organized by ‘The Rotary Club of Oakville’) 

Join us for this exciting evening and… You’ll enjoy a generous sample of the most exquisite wines from our sponsoring Vineyard. You’ll tantalize your taste buds with an assortment of mouth-watering hors d’oeuvres provided by our spectacular sponsoring caterer. You can participate in a silent auction of beautiful art work. You’ll delight in a delicious light buffet prepared by a passionate team of culinary specialists from White Oaks Secondary Schools high skills major program. Your light buffet will include veggies and dip, pita and hummus, fresh nachos and salsa, cocktail sandwiches, delectable dessert squares, and coffee and tea. You’ll listen to three popular Canadian authors, David Bezmozgis, Claire Cameron, Robert Rotenberg, take you on a journey through their lives on their road to success. You’ll receive one of the author’s books absolutely free. Your choices include: 'The Betrayers' by David Bezmozgis 'The Bear' by Claire Cameron 'Strangle Hold' by Robert Rotenberg 

You can choose your book as soon as you register and pay for your ticket. You’ll feel the reward of helping young people in need through post-secondary bursaries. Treat yourself to a wonderful evening of food, wine, art, authors, and a free book for only $50 plus HST!

about rotary club of oakville

The Rotary Club of Oakville (1925 to present) 
The Rotary Club of Oakville is made up of a team of dedicated, passionate, and creative people who work together to raise funds and donate their time and energy to help improve the quality of life in our community and our world.

Over the years, Rotarians in Oakville have raised funds in a variety of ways including The Rotary Annual Summer Carnival, Draws for cars, the Junior Horse Show, Lobster Night, and Golfing events. The emphasis has always been on gathering people in the community together to enjoy festivities and raise money for worthy causes.

Examples of RCO’s Major Contributions
Since 1931, the Rotary Club of Oakville has raised over one million dollars in donations to support Easter Seals projects to help support children with physical challenges.

Low Income housing: 
For more than 60 years the Rotary club of Oakville has provided low-cost housing for seniors such as Rotary Centennial Towers and Rotary Gardens. In 2001, the club developed an additional six million dollar senior housing unit, Woodside Mews. Oakville Rotarians have devoted a great deal of their time and energy to help create, manage and maintain the housing units, including the late Rotarian John Black who managed the waiting list for two housing units while he was in the hospital. Rotarian George Fallow contributed his architectural expertise to design the Rotary Centennial Towers project and a 70-unit low-income family housing project on Normandy Place. 

Aid for India:
Since the 1960’s, the Rotary club of Oakville has been making generous donations to help alleviate poverty in India. Medical textbooks, eyeglasses, and thousands of “bed kits” were donated with the help of local Indian Rotary clubs.

Ian Anderson House:
In 1988 and 1999, the Rotary club of Oakville donated $12,500 to Ian Anderson House, a hospice for terminally ill people. 
In 1999, the Rotary club of Oakville donated $10,000 towards the cost of a new Y.M.C.A. facility.

Victorian Order of Nurses:
The Rotary club of Oakville has provided over $10,000 in donations for the VON in the 1990’s, when they discovered a great need for VON services in the local community.

Drug Abuse Resistance Program:In 1999, the Rotary club of Oakville donated a van valued at $25,000 for the D.A.R.E. program to help with the catastrophic spread of drug use among youth in schools.

Halton Women’s Place:
In the 1990’s, the Rotary club of Oakville raised $92,000 for Halton Women’s Place, providing emergency shelter, meals, emergency clothing, and counselling for physically, emotionally, financially and sexually abused women and their dependent children.
Local Hospitals:
The Rotary club of Oakville has donated regularly to the Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital. From 1993 to 1998, $35,000 was donated for a variety of hospital projects. From 1999 to 2003 $100,000 was donated for the John Black Memorial Trauma Room.
The Rotary club has a commitment to donate $100,000 towards the development of the new hospital in Oakville. The club has already donated $60,000 of this $100,000 commitment.

Many other Projects:
Since 1925, the Rotary club of Oakville has assisted with many other community projects including the Oakville Arena, the Oakville Library Board, the Red Cross, and the Salvation Army.

In the past 5 years the club has helped Halton Big Brothers and Sisters, Dreams Take Flight, allowing physically and mentally challenged children to spend a day at Disney World, Water for Humanity, including water projects in South Africa, Ghana, Bolivia, and Guatamala, funding for dozens upon dozens of Bursaries for high school students who cannot afford to go to post-secondary education, and providing clean drinking water to over 700,000 citizens in the Limpopo region of South Africa and to over 20 elementary schools that had no water at all.

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