Zig Ziglar Receives A Handmade Pen from Pocono Pens

Zig Ziglar, like myself and many others, loves pens. I was reading a post on Tom Ziglar's Facebook about the handmade pen from Pocono Pens he gave his father for Christmas. I also have a collection of nice pens that I love. They are one of my weaknesses, along with hats. I ordered 2 handmade pens from Pocono and really love them. I recommend you check out their website if you like fine, unique pens. You will love it.

By Tom Ziglar. Proud son of Zig Ziglar

This time every year I ask myself, “What am I going to get Dad for Christmas?” This is a hard question to answer. First, because he has everything, and second, because he doesn’t want anything (other than to spend time with the family). Because of this I want even more to find the perfect gift. This year, through a happy coincidence, I found the perfect gift (coincidence, as Dad says, is just God’s way of staying anonymous).

I got a nice blog response from a man named Brian who wanted to thank Dad for inspiring him and helping him in his life. I gave Brian a call and learned that he is a disabled vet, has a great family, and is working hard to grow his business. I have to tell you I love talking to people who have what I call a “Zig story.” It never gets old hearing people speak in gratitude about how your dad (and your business) has impacted them in a special way. I am truly blessed. Through the conversation I learned that the business Brian is trying to grow is his custom hand-made pen business. He pointed me to his website, and they are truly beautiful.

One of the things you may not know about Dad is he is a pen fanatic. He always has two or three with him. Many times he will see a pen on a desk, pick it up, and ask “Now whose pen did this used to belong to?” It always gets a laugh. The funny thing about Dad’s pens is that they are all inexpensive. I don’t think I have ever seen him with a nice one. But that is a’fixin’ to change, as we say down South!

I asked Brian how much for a custom pen, and I was shocked to learn you can get a great one for between $50 and $100, and more if you choose. Something about a handcrafted gift made with love and gratitude for the same money I was going to spend anyway made my decision an easy one. Brian recommended an olive wood pen made from wood harvested in the Holy Land near Bethlehem. I tell you, the gift just keeps getting better and better!

One last comment: My earliest memory of Dad and writing was way back in 1973. I was only eight years old at the time. Dad was speaking in St. Louis and we were staying in a big old hotel. Very late at night Dad woke me up as the fire alarms in the hotel were going off. We had to get out! Mom, Dad, and I left the room in our PJs, and the only thing Dad was carrying was a box that had his manuscript and handwritten edits of his first book, See You At The Top, in it. Back then there weren’t extra copies or digital files and Dad was going to make sure that book didn’t go up in flames! Luckily the fire was quickly put out and no damage was done. But I still remember Dad talking to the firemen with that box in his arms.

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