Ziglar Newsletter for October 18 2011

This week's Ziglar Newsletter has an article by Zig titled The Window of Opportunity.

Dr. Rick Kirschner also contributes a great article titled How to Get Agreement from Someone Saying No.

Over the years I have experienced various obstacles to my workout routine. I recall once when I was in Tampa, Florida, for a seminar. At seven o’clock I stepped out of my hotel to do my walking but, unfortunately, it was raining. The good news is that there was a parking garage attached to the hotel, so I headed there to take my walk. Needless to say, I prefer to walk outdoors where I can see things as I go, but walking in a covered garage beats getting wet, and certainly beats not walking at all. I had been enjoying my walk and planning my talk for about 25 minutes when I suddenly noticed that the rain had stopped. I hurried outside to take advantage of that window of opportunity and had made it about a block and a half when the rain returned. I headed back to the covered garage and continued my walk–and the planning of my talk.

As I reflect on my activity that morning, I had no idea how long it would continue to rain or how long the break in the rain would last. However, I do believe that too many people wait for everything to be “just right” before they do anything, and they often miss out on life’s opportunities.

The second little lesson I learned on that walk is that in a parking garage you follow the incline to the top. It’s more difficult to walk up but to develop endurance you’ve got to go uphill. To go up in the business world or, for that matter, in the academic or political world, you frequently have to experience difficulty as you go. Without the difficulty you never develop the mental sharpness and physical strength which are necessary to succeed.

Somebody once said that the only way to the mountaintop is through the valley. When you encounter those “mountains,” just remember that the climbing will enable you to climb the next one higher and faster, which ultimately means I will SEE YOU AT THE TOP!

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How to Get Agreement from Someone Saying No By Rick Kirschner

Riddle me this: What technique works as well with a negative person at work as it does with a two-year-old at home?

Answer: The Polarity Pattern!

What happens when you tell a two-year-old to go to bed when the older kids are still up, or you tell a negative coworker that things “aren’t so bad”?

The conversation descends along these lines. You ask a person to do something. You ask nicely. You are reasonable. And then they say, “I don’t want to (do what you want them to).” To which you reply, “But you have to do it.” And it’s straight downhill from there.

Want a better idea? Use the polarity response! Because it turns out that when people don’t want to do something, they’re having a polarity response, and using what’s there is more likely to work than fighting or withdrawing from it. The good news is that this pattern works well with negative people, probably because they are in a polarized position already.

I once had an opportunity to observe a brilliant therapist use this technique on a depressed patient who was doing his best to convince the therapist that he was completely hopeless. When all else failed, the therapist playfully agreed with him, saying, “Okay, you win. Of the thousands of unhappy people that I have worked with, you have convinced me that you are the most hopeless, worthless human being I have ever seen! There’s no point in trying to help you. You are doomed, completely beyond help.”

The patient looked shocked as he considered that for a long moment, then replied, “Come on. I’m not that bad.” To which the therapist replied, “You’re not? You sure?” To which the patient replied, “Yes, I’m sure.” And that’s when the change work began.

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