Ziglar Weekly Newsletter April 19 2011

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Sometimes Ya’ Gotta’ Hustle

By Zig Ziglar

In bygone years when cassette players were the rage, one day I needed a new one and, since I liked the one I had been using, I decided to buy another. I walked into the store which sells them, held up my device and asked if they had another one. The manager said, “I believe so,” and picked one up commenting, “Yes, this is it.” He then turned to the young man who was standing by him and asked him to complete the transaction. The young man started ambling towards the rear of the store so I asked him, “Are you going to ring me up?” The young man said, “Yes,” and I said, “Well, this is the one I want,” pointing to the one the manager had held up. He responded, “I’m going to the back to get you a new one.”

He casually sauntered into the store room. When he reappeared he was moving so slowly that I had to line him up between two shelves to make certain he was moving. Since I was obviously in a hurry, I was surprised at his movement and said to the young man, “I am in somewhat of a hurry.” He said, “Huh?” and I said, “I’m in a hurry.” The young man, to my astonishment, replied, “I am hurrying.”

In fact he was dragging his heels by anyone’s standards. When I was a youngster, I worked in a grocery store. When a customer wanted something and I was not in a dead run to get it, my boss would say to me, “Come on, Boy! A dollar is waiting on a dime!” He meant the customer took first preference and needed to be – and expected to be – given fast service or his next stop would be at another store.

I tell the story only to emphasize that when your customer is obviously in a big hurry, you need to hustle and meet the customer’s needs and expectations. That benefits the store and the customer, and helps secure the job for the employee. Think about it and I’ll SEE YOU AT THE TOP!

Dave Says By Dave Ramsey Dear Dave,

I run a small upholstery business out of a shop in my garage. I’d like to expand to a bigger facility. Would it be a good idea to sell my property and buy a place where I could have a bigger shop built?


Dear Carol,

I think I’d rent for a while before I jumped into the real estate market. You don’t need a fancy office for the kind of work you’re talking about. You just need more room.

Chances are you can find something simple that’s nothing more than work and storage space for a few hundred a month. I’d stick with that until the business really gets rocking and your revenue can justify a bigger place.

Here’s the deal, Carol. It’s going to turn into a nightmare if you get too big too fast, and one fine day realize you can’t produce enough to make the business work. That won’t be good for anybody!


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Ziglar Newsletter April 19 2011

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