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iDollarDeals - Earn money selling coupons - no investment required

iDollarDeals is an innovative, new, network marketing company that allows distributors to earn money selling coupons and deals from merchants and retailers.

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about idollardeals

My partner Alan Chen, who works for The Napoleon Hill Foundation, thcame up with the concept for this first of a kind, and totally unique, network marketing company.

The purpose of our business is to refer customers to merchants and retailers and for distributors to earn money selling coupons for those merchants and retailers special offers and deals.

Because we are a new business, and a significant amount of our time and money has already been invested into getting the website up, we are going to going to do everything we can to generate new sales for the companies we work with. 

We hope their positive results, and new sales, will become a testimonial for us as we expand into other cities, States, and countries.

On our iDollarDeal$ website, your business can design your own special offers, and add them at any time.

As an example:

The retail price for this dinner for two deal is $20.98 and the deal price is $18.88, a 10% savings.

The consumers online payment for the coupon is $1, so this restaurant will get $17.88, the balance of the deal.

How a Distributor earns $:

10%-20% of the $1 paid by the consumer for the special offer/deal coupon is the commission paid to the distributor.

Each merchant can sell one coupon, or 100 coupons, the commission to the distributor is based on each sale and there is no limit.

The good thing for the merchant is:

1. We don't charge them any fees in advance.

2. If we can not help them promote their products or service, they are not charged.

3. They keep the cash. We don't hold any of their money.

4. If the customer doesn't want to use the coupon, we will refund their deposit.

5. The merchant can check their account online at any time to track your sales. 

EARn Money selling coupons

Do you want us to pay the auto loan or the mortgage for you? We can help. 

iDollarDeals Mission is to help people find the best local deals, and help local merchants attract and retain more customers. In order to do this, we need your help. For your assistance we will pay you, and pay you well.

No matter if you or your family, friends, or co-workers need some extra cash, or your group needs to raise some funds, our referral program is the right one for you. 

After your register, you will get your unique referral link and ID that you can send to merchants you would like to sponsor. You will earn 10 percent of each commission that your referred merchants pay us (the merchant pays $1-$10 for each sold voucher, depending on the value of the deal).

There is no limit on how many merchants can be referred by you, how many deals they are allowed to post, or how much commission you earn.

You can send the referral link or ID to anyone you know. When they register on the website, they will be classified as distributors under you. We will pay them, as we pay you.


"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." What if you read this each time you made a phone call, or texted, or received a call? Imagine the possibilities of auto-suggesting this into your mind hundreds of times per day.

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