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Real estate investor leads available for real estate agents

Real estate investor leads are the best way for a real estate agent to grow their business and ensure a reliable source of income.

Tahani Aburaneh can help you find the investors on your area with her Savvy Investor Agent Certification (SIAC) course.

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What's Stopping Real Estate Agents From Adding Investors To Their Business?

Are you a real estate agent who’s running after clients but shying away from -- or downright shunning -- investors?

Have you asked yourself WHY?

After being in this business for almost two decades, I've found that these are three of the most common reasons why you might be sidestepping investors and why you should strongly reconsider working with them.

“There aren’t many real estate investors out there. This niche is too small.”

Most agents think there are too few investors out there because they’re looking only at existing investors. This is the biggest misconception realtors have about investors. The best way to find investor clients is to CREATE them. Become a proactive agent who educates people in your network (doctors, mechanics, friends and family) everyday on the benefits of real estate investing; and when they decide to invest, who do you think they’ll go to first? Your pool of clients will suddenly shoot up from a few thousands to many thousands. And if you think it’ll be difficult to sell people on the idea, think again -- with real estate being the safest investment vehicle in our current economy, more and more people are actually already considering investing in real estate. They just need a realtor like you to help them through the process. It’s simple when you know what to do and how to do it. Savvy Investor Agent Certification teaches realtors like you everything you need to know and say to start adding investors to your client base right away.

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Aside from having a wider client base with investors, working with investors will give you an edge over other agents. (Case in point: there are now some 28,000 agents in Toronto and investors from all over keep telling me how difficult it is to find an agent who understands their mindset!) Investor agents are in high demand and the market needs them. What’s more, investors buy run-down properties that no traditional home buyer would touch, because they know they can make a lot of money from fixing and flipping those properties. And that becomes your edge over the competition during market slumps, because investors love buying property when the market slows down and home buyers are scared to buy.

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“I don’t have time for investors. Their requirements are unique.”

Not if they can generate 80% of your income despite their being only 20% of your client base. In fact, once you learn how to properly work with investors, they’ll start freeing up your time.

Sure, investors ask a different set of questions from those of traditional homeowners, but that doesn’t mean their questions are harder to answer. And just like other types of clients, investors want to find out as much as they need to about a property before buying it, as should everyone. But here’s the difference (and the massive benefit to investors): after you explain the facts and the numbers to an investor once or twice, he will start to understand the area on his own, and you’ll understand better what he's looking for. As a result, transactions will become much easier and faster. In fact, they’ll start to run like clockwork. After you educate investors on how to find winning investment properties, they’ll start finding properties in your area on their own, and you’ll just have to help them close the deal. As I said in my earlier blog titled Stop Ignoring this Massive Income Source!, they’ll keep buying properties in your area from you, especially the ones that traditional homeowners are scared of buying! So your earnings will skyrocket but the time you’ll spend meeting, educating and pitching will plummet. And even closing deals will get easier: no heavy navigating through paperwork here, as investors learn the legalities and the process because they buy and sell more often.

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“I’ve never dealt with investment properties. I don’t know how to service investors.”

Your success with this niche (and in any business, for that matter) is directly related to how well you understand your customer (in this case, the investor). But good news: your lack of knowledge in dealing with investors is the easiest hurdle to overcome. To successfully work with investors, you need to think like one. I’ve spent many years investing myself, and my Amazon bestselling book Real Estate Riches is an investors’ guide to finding the right agent who can service them. When I faced that same hurdle of not knowing how to service investors many years ago, I had to learn the hard way, through trial and error; and now, I can show you step by step exactly what to do and how to do it. All it takes is for you to understand the investor mindset and learn the proven strategies for working with them, which I’ll teach you at the Savvy Investor Agent Certification (SIAC) training.

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But how about starting now? Watch my FREE 3-part video training series on Insider Secrets to Tapping into the Investor Niche and lose no time earning the income you’ve dreamed of and having the time you’ve always wanted to live the life you truly desire!

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Tahani is Canada’s leading female real estate investing expert and founder of Savvy Investor Agent Certification (SIAC), a live training event that teaches real estate agents how to tap into the rapidly growing investor niche using proven step-by-step systems and tools so that they can generate a constant flow of closing deals, differentiate themselves from other agents, and exponentially increase their commissions. Tahani is also an international speaker and author of the Amazon Best-Selling books Real Estate Riches and Savvy Investor Agent Guide. Having battled adversity since her birth in a refugee camp, Tahani is a living testament of how anyone can rise above the odds by focusing on helping others.

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