Organo Gold Co-Founder Shane Morand and OG Think and Grow Rich Book

From left Uriel (Chino) Martinez, An Organo Gold distributor and author of Lessons of The Labyrinth, Tim Gocke, Josie Morand (Shane Morand's wife), Terry Gocke (grandaughter of Napoleon Hill), Shane Morand (OG Co-Founder), Fizzah Gocke (Tim Gocke's wife) and Judy Williamson, Director of The Napoleon Hill World Learning Center. The picture was taken in the Dining Room of the Adare Manor in Ireland as part of the Napoleon Hill Foundation Leader Certification trip in 2010.

The 2011 Leader Certification trip will also be to Ireland. This year we will be touring northern Ireland. Consider joining us. The sceneery is amazing and the people you meet are even more amazing.

Lessons of The Labyrinth by Uriel Martinez

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