My top 5 personal development books

I have read many personal development books in the 28 years I have been reading them. My best guess is about 300 of them. I took a Evelyn Wood speed reading course in my first year of university, to cut down my studying time and increase my studying efficiency. That course has served me well. I don't read the 1200+ words per minute that I reached when I took the final exam however I likely read comfortably about twice the average reading speed of about 250 words per minute. I like to hilight my personal development books and make notes in them as I read. Even if I never get back to reading the same book, taking the time to hilight it and makes notes, either in the columns of the book, or in my journal, gets the concepts into my brain better than just reading it would do.

Now let's get to my list.

1. The BibleYou thought it would be a Napoleon Hill book right? I have read the Bible well over 50% of the days since I first started reading it 23 years ago. It contains more knowledge about personal development than all other books combined. You cannot be a serious student of success without reading the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs.

2. Law of Success by Napoleon HillI like Law of Success over Think and Grow Rich because it is a much more thorough and complete work of the success principles. I sold the single edition, leather bound, edition door to door to businesses in Ottawa when I first started my entrepreneurial career.

3. See You At The Top! by Zig Ziglar I LOVE Zig Ziglar. I have purchased, read, watched and listened to almost every product he as ever come out with. I know his talks word for word and still laugh each time I listen.

4. Life Is Tremendous by Charlie "Tremendous" Jones I still remember the excitement, joy and laughing I did when I first read this book. It will do the same for you.

5. Set Yourself On Fire by Phil Taylor Phil's book has some amazing insight culminated from his life and experiences along with wisdom from all my other favorite authors and speakers.

What are your top 5 personal development books of all time? Share them with me by emailing me at

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Consider either reading the Evelyn Wood speed reading book or taking one of their courses. It will be one of the best things you can ever do for yourself.